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Thunderbolt siren.

The Thunderbolt siren was an American warning siren manufactured by Federal Signal Corporation.


Video of Thunderbolt 1003.

The Thunderbolt siren consisted of three major components: the blower, rotator and siren chopper. The Thunderbolt was introduced in 1952; discontinued in the early 1990s.[citation needed] Many Thunderbolts were made during the cold war for air raid warning purposes. It was advertised as having constant volume regardless of pitch.[1] In Late 1988, Federal Signal introduced a single-tone siren called the 2001 Series; the Thunderbolt was phased out by 1990.[citation needed]

There were 3 models manufactured, most of them producing approximately 127 dB at 100 ft:

  • Model 1000, a single-tone siren capable of two signals (alert and attack).
  • Model 1000T, a dual-tone version of the 1000.
  • Model 1003, a dual-tone version with the added capability of producing a High-Low or a "Pulse" signal with solenoid valves.
  • Model 2000, A Single-tone thunderbolt 1000 with a gasoline-powered Roots Blower.

The "System 7000" line was a generator back-up version of the Thunderbolt.[2] These were available as 3 separate models:

  • Model 7012, a single-tone siren capable of two signals (alert and attack).
  • Model 7022, is the same as Model 7012, but is dual tone.
  • Model 7026, uses a dual-tone Thunderbolt siren with the addition of two solenoids to produce six siren signals: wail, pulsed steady, steady, alternating steady, alternating wail, and pulsed wail.

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