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Thúy Nga, Inc.
Industry Music
Various media
Founded 1963
Saigon, South Vietnam
Paris, France
Founder Tô Văn Lai
Headquarters HQ: 9295 Bolsa Ave., Westminster, California, United States
Studio: 14397 Moran St., Westminster, CA, USA (current)[1]
Former: Studios de Paris, 20 rue Ampère, Paris, France
Distribution Centers:
Paris, France
Toronto, Canada
Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
Footscray, Victoria, Australia (local)
Area served
People served: Overseas Vietnamese
Key people
Tô Văn Lai
Marie Tô Ngọc Thủy
Products Paris By Night
Compact discs
Thúy Nga Radio
Văn Nghệ Magazine
Musical Specials
Worldwide Distribution
VietFace TV
Slogan The ultimate quality source in Vietnamese music production.
Website ThuyNgaShop

Thúy Nga (About this sound listen) is a Vietnamese-oriented entertainment company that produces Paris By Night, as well as music CDs, musical specials, movies and films, magazines, audiobooks, posters, and calendars. It is variously referred to as Thúy Nga Incorporated, Thúy Nga Paris, and Trung Tâm Thúy Nga (literally, Thúy Nga centre).

Thúy Nga is the most prestigious recording studio and music production in the overseas Vietnamese music world. Thúy Nga Productions has been the symbol of success the overseas Vietnamese have achieved since the events in their country in 1975 that led to their diaspora. Along with Lang Van, it is the only U.S.-based Vietnamese production company to have overseas operations in Paris, France.

In addition to its headquarters at Westminster, CA and its original headquarters in Paris, Thúy Nga also has regional sales and distribution centers in Toronto, Canada and in Bankstown, New South Wales in Australia. The company also transferred part of its Australian distribution rights to a local music center at Footscray, Victoria. With a network of distribution centers worldwide, the company offers a distribution service to third-party producers and studios all over the world.


List of Thúy Nga videos[edit]

# List of Thuy Nga videos
131 Paris By Night 114: 1975-2015: Tôi Là Người Việt Nam 2
130 Paris By Night 113: Mừng Tuổi Mẹ
129 Paris By Night 112: Đông (Winter)
128 Paris By Night 111: S
127 Paris By Night 110: Phát Lộc Đầu Năm
126 Paris By Night 109: 30th Anniversary Celebration
125 Paris By Night 108: Thời Gian - Time
124 Paris By Night 107: Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn - 20 Năm Sân Khấu
123 Paris By Night 106: Lụa - Silk
122 Paris By Night 105: Người Tình - The Lovers
121 Paris By Night 104: Beginnings
120 Paris By Night 103: Tình Sử Trong Âm Nhạc Việt Nam
119 Paris By Night 102: Nhạc Yêu Cầu Tình Ca Lam Phương
118 Paris By Night 101: Hạnh Phúc Đầu Năm
117 Paris By Night 100: Ghi Nhớ Một Chặng Đường
116 Paris By Night 99: Tôi Là Người Việt Nam
115 Paris By Night 98: Las Vegas 3 - Fly With Us To Las Vegas
114 Paris By Night 97: Celebrity Dancing 2 (Khiêu Vũ Của Các Ngôi Sao 2)
113 Paris By Night 96: Nhạc Yêu Cầu 2
112 Paris By Night 95: Paris by Night 25th Anniversary (Part II): Cám Ơn Cuộc Đời
111 Paris By Night 94: Paris by Night 25th Anniversary (Part I)
110 Paris By Night 93: Celebrity Dancing (Khiêu Vũ Của Các Ngôi Sao)
109 Paris By Night 92: Nhạc Yêu Cầu
108 Paris By Night 91: Huế, Sài Gòn, Hà Nội
107 Paris By Night 90: Chân Dung Người Phụ Nữ Việt Nam
106 Paris By Night 89: In Korea
105 Paris By Night 88: Lam Phương - Đường Về Quê Hương
104 Paris By Night 87: PBN Talent Show - Finals
103 Paris By Night 86: PBN Talent Show - Semi-Finals
102 Paris By Night 85: Xuân Trong Kỷ Niệm
101 Paris By Night 84: In Atlanta - Passport to Music & Fashion
100 Paris By Night 83: Những Khúc Hát Ân Tình
099 Paris By Night 82: Tiếu Vương Hội
098 Paris By Night 81: Âm Nhạc Không Biên Giới 2
097 Paris By Night 80: Tết Khắp Mọi Nhà
096 Paris By Night 79: Dreams
095 Paris By Night 78: Đường Xưa
094 Paris By Night 77: 30 Năm Viễn Xứ
093 Paris By Night 76: Xuân Tha Hương
092 Paris By Night 75: Về Miền Viễn Đông - Journey to the Far East
091 Paris By Night 74: Hoa Bướm Ngày Xưa
090 Paris By Night 73: Song Ca Đặc Biệt - The Best of Duets
089 Paris By Night 72: Tiếng Hát Từ Nhịp Tim
088 Paris By Night 71: 20th Anniversary
087 Paris By Night 70: Thu Ca
086 Paris By Night 69: Nợ Tình
085 Paris By Night 68: Nửa Vầng Trăng
084 Paris By Night 67: In San Jose
083 Paris By Night 66: Nguời Tình và Quê Huong
082 Paris By Night 65: Yêu
081 Paris By Night 64: Đêm Văn Nghệ Thính Phòng
080 Paris By Night 63: Dòng Thời Gian
079 Paris By Night 62: Âm Nhạc Không Biên Giới
078 Paris By Night 61: Sân Khấu Cuộc Đời
077 Paris By Night 60: Thất Tình
076 Paris By Night 59: Cây Đa Bến Cũ
075 Paris By Night 58: Những Sắc Màu Trong Kỷ Niệm
074 Paris By Night 57: Thời Trang và Âm Nhạc
073 Paris By Night 56: Những Dòng Nhạc Hôm Nay
072 Paris By Night 55: Duới Ánh Nắng Mặt Trời
071 Paris By Night 54: In Concert
070 Paris By Night 53: Thiên Đuờng Là Đây
069 Paris By Night 52: Giã Từ Thế Kỷ
068 Paris By Night 51: We Like To Party
067 Paris By Night 50
066 Paris By Night 49: Chúng Ta Đi Mang Theo Quê Hương
065 Paris By Night 48: Hình Ảnh Cuộc Đời
064 Paris By Night 47: Hoàng Thi Thơ 2
063 Paris By Night 46: 15th Anniversary Celebration
062 Paris By Night 45: Vào Hạ
061 Paris By Night 44: Tiền
060 Paris By Night 43: Đàn Bà
059 Paris By Night 42: Giòng Nhạc Kỷ Niệm
058 Paris By Night 41: Hoàng Thi Thơ - Một Đời Cho Âm Nhạc
057 Paris By Night 40: Mẹ
056 Paris By Night 39: Ánh Đen Màu
055 Paris By Night 38: In Toronto
054 Paris By Night 37: In Las Vegas 2
053 Paris By Night 36: In Houston
052 Paris By Night 35
051 Paris By Night 34: Made in Paris
050 Paris By Night 33: Nhạc Tình Đức Huy
049 Paris By Night 32: 20 Năm Nhìn Lại
048 Paris By Night 31
047 Paris By Night 30: Nguời Tình - Phạm Duy 2
046 Paris By Night 29: In Las Vegas
045 Paris By Night 28: Lam Phương 2 - Dòng Nhạc Nối Tiếp - Sacrée Soirée 3
044 Paris By Night 27: Tiếng Hát Với Cung Đàn - Văn Phụng - Sacrée Soirée 2
043 Paris By Night 26: Đêm Hoa Đăng - Sacrée Soirée 1
042 Paris By Night 25
041 Paris By Night 24: 10th Anniversary
040 Paris By Night 23: Thế Giới Muôn Màu
039 Paris By Night 22: 40 Năm Âm Nhạc Lam Phương
038 Paris By Night 21: Tình Ca Ngô Thụy Miên
037 Paris By Night 20: Tuyệt Phẩm
036 Paris By Night 19: Phạm Duy - Tác Phẩm và Con Nguời
035 Paris By Night 18
034 Paris By Night 17
033 Paris By Night 16
032 Muà Xuân Nào Ta Về
031 Paris By Night 15
030 Tình Yêu & Ảo Ảnh
029 Paris By Night 14
028 Paris By Night Đặc Biệt
027 Paris By Night 12
026 Share Phòng
025 Phép Trị Vợ
024 Sông Dài
023 Paris By Night 11
022 Paris By Night 10
021 Paris By Night 9
020 Paris By Night 8
019 Paris By Night 7
018 Paris By Night 6
017 Paris By Night 5
016 Nuớc Non Ngàn Dặm Ra Đi
015 Paris By Night 4
014 Đi Biển Một Mình
013 Giọt Nuớc Mắt Cho Việt Nam
012 Paris By Night 3
011 Món Quà Tặng
010 Giã Biệt Sài Gòn
009 Paris By Night 2
008 Cho Trọn Cuộc Tình
007 Khi Hoa Anh Đào Nở
006 Thần Nữ Dâng Ngũ Linh Kỳ
005 Phàn Lê Huê Tiết Đinh San
004 Từ Kiều Ly Hận (Kim Vân Kiều)
003 Lương Sơn Bá & Chúc Anh Đài
002 Tuyệt Tình Ca
001 Paris By Night

List of Thúy Nga CDs[edit]

# List of Thuy Nga CDs
TNCD001 Tóc Mây - Dạ Vũ Paris 1
TNCD002 Hương Lan - Khi Đã Yêu
TNCD003 Họa Mi - Em Đi Rồi
TNCD004 Chuyện Một Người Đi
TNCD005 Một Thuở Yêu Đàn
TNCD006 Non Nước Ngàn Dặm Ra Đi
TNCD007 Dạ Vũ Tóc Mây 2
TNCD008 Áo Tím Ngày Xưa
TNCD009 Em Là Tất Cả
TNCD010 Cho Em Quên Tuổi Ngọc
TNCD011 ...
TNCD012 ...
TNCD013 Hương Lan - Nụ Hoa Nhỏ
TNCD014 ...
TNCD015 ...
TNCD016 Này Em Có Nhớ - Tình Khúc Trịnh Công Sơn
TNCD017 ...
TNCD018 Họa Mi - Nghìn Trùng Xa Cách
TNCD019 Ái Vân & Elvis Phương - Bài Tango Cho Em
TNCD020 ...
TNCD021 Paris By Night 12
TNCD022 ...
TNCD023 ...
TNCD024 ...
TNCD025 ...
TNCD026 ...
TNCD027 ...
TNCD028 ...
TNCD029 ...
TNCD030 ...
TNCD031 ...
TNCD032 ...
TNCD033 ...
TNCD034 ...
TNCD035 ...
TNCD036 ...
TNCD037 ...
TNCD038 ...
TNCD039 ...
TNCD040 ...
TNCD041 ...
TNCD042 ...
TNCD043 ...
TNCD044 ...
TNCD045 ...
TNCD046 ...
TNCD047 ...
TNCD048 ...
TNCD049 ...
TNCD070 ...
TNCD533 Duyen Que
TNCD534 Top Hits 61 - Giai Dieu Mua Xuan 2014
TNCD535 Top Hits 62 - Hoa Xuan
TNCD536 Mua Xuan Hoa Dao
TNCD537 Bang Kieu & Minh Tuyet - Lau Dai Tinh Ai

Thúy Nga CDs[edit]

Thúy Nga CDs is the second compact discs division of the company. To date, Thúy Nga has produced and/or distributed over 400 compact discs. Some CDs have bonus features in it, such as a VCD addition. Thúy Nga CDs are classified in a unique number system. Beginning with the first CD, the number system starts with "TNCD001". If the CD is a second-party or third-party produced, the CD is then classified into, "TNCD(party-code)00(number)". Each solo and/or duet CD is promoted in a very classy-looking poster, to be hung at stores in the Vietnamese communities. There are other CDs as well, such as "Top Hits" CD's, which are similar to the Now That's What I Call Music! CDs, and is directly taken out of the Paris By Night videos. Other various-artists CDs include composer-selected CDs, which showcases different songs by a particular composer. Others include, "Tan Co" CDs, and instrumental CDs.

First-party CDs[edit]

First-party CDs operations of Thúy Nga is that the CD is officially produced and distributed by Thúy Nga exclusively. "Original" products can be defined by a holographic production sticker on the front cover. That is to let buyers know that the product they're buying is real and authentic. This is just one way to combat piracy. First-party CD's are classified into the "TNCD00(number)" system. To date, there are over 400 CD's that are produced and distributed by Thúy Nga.

Second-party CDs[edit]

Second-party CDs operations of Thúy Nga is that the CD is only distributed by Thúy Nga exclusively. No other production company is involve except with the producer. Normally, the producing-company is contracted by Thúy Nga, which makes it, a "second-party" company. All advertising and distributing rights belong to Thúy Nga, while the producing rights belong to the second-party producer. Some devoted second-party producers include:

  • Loan Châu Music [3]
  • Lynda Trang Đài Productions
  • Vũ Thành An Productions
  • NQ Entertainment [4]
  • Bằng Kiều Entertainment

Normally, the second-party productions are owned by the artists and singers that are contracted by Thúy Nga itself. These CD's are classified into the "TNCD(party-code)00(number)" system.

Third-party CDs[edit]

Third-party CD's operations of Thúy Nga is a distribution only service. Any company that is not contracted or affiliated with Thúy Nga is a third-party production. This includes the international distribution rights to products produced at Thúy Nga's native country, Vietnam. Recently, Thúy Nga grabbed international rights to hit-Vietnam artist Đàm Vĩnh Hưng's latest CD, while his own company distributes at Vietnam. These CDs are classified the same way as the second-party's.

Thúy Nga DVDs[edit]

Thúy Nga DVDs is the DVD division of Thúy Nga Productions. These DVDs includes digitally mastered sound and picture quality. Most Thúy Nga DVDs are presented in a wide-screen angle format. All DVDs are mastered in either Dolby Stereo sound, or the Dolby Surround sound. Normally, major companies produce "regional" DVDs, which is either DVD-1 or DVD-2. However, Thuy Nga is an international company with headquarters in USA, Canada, France, and Australia, Thúy Nga chooses to produce the DVD-9 NTSC international format, which causes major piracy problems in Thúy Nga's native country, Vietnam, where it is officially banned by the communist regime, deeming them as "reactionary material", for their anti-communist position. Beginning In Paris By Night 104: Beginnings, the company began producing Blu-Ray format discs that cost $30.

Paris By Night[edit]

Paris By Night is the flagship program of Thúy Nga. The program contains all kinds of music genres, skit acts, and Master of Ceremonies discussion. Beginning in Paris By Night 67: In San Jose, the company began producing the program on the DVD format. Which is probably a late start, since the format have been introduced recently. Since that time, Thúy Nga has been remastering some of their old Paris By Night programs into the new DVD format. Thúy Nga eventually stopped the production of VHS programs, beginning with Paris By Night 71: 20th Anniversary.

Paris By Night has an MSRP of about $25.00 for 2-discs of the program. The program usually features "Behind the Scenes" footage, which is very popular among fans. Paris By Night is normally about 4 to 5 hours long, all stored onto 2 discs or 3 discs. The DVD case itself is often stored in a beautiful cover jacket, which also helps in marketing the product. The program consists of about 20-25 songs of all genres, one comedy skit, and some added specials such as, "Tan Co", "Cai Luong". Starting Paris By Night 24: 10th Anniversary, the entire program was guided by MC's Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn and Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên. In December 2006, Thúy Nga converted Paris By Night 18 from VHS to DVD. In 2006, Thúy Nga released 5 Paris By Night DVDs (80, 81, 82, 83, 84). Their goal for 2007 was releasing 6 DVDs.


Another popular program produced by Thúy Nga, includes the Paris By Night Karaoke. Thúy Nga has produced more than 50 karaoke programs for Paris By Night and second-party productions. The karaoke edition of Paris By Night, normally comes about a year after the original release of the actual program. As in, the songs that are contained in the karaoke are songs and footage, directly taken out of the original program. Only difference is words are plastered on the screen, and guides the singer through, and the MC footage and comedy skits are cut out.

The karaoke programs have a different number system that the Paris By Night‍ '​s. The karaoke program is at about number 60 (as of early 2009). Thúy Nga has no plans to reproduce old, very old, Paris By Night programs into karaoke programs. However, Thúy Nga is in the process of reproducing their old karaoke programs, which are issued on Laserdisc format, into the new, DVD format. Paris by Night Karaoke was the most expensive product Thúy Nga offers. With an MSRP of about $30.00, some retail stores sell them for $35.00. However, due to very low sales recently, the retail price fell down to $15.00.

Special programs[edit]

Outside of Paris By Night and karaoke programs, Thúy Nga also produces a number of specials, which includes documentary specials, "Cải Lương", a type of Vietnamese-styled country genre, and "The Best of..." programs for individual artists. There is also a "workout" DVD. Normally, these DVDs are second-party and third-party produced. However, Thúy Nga does commit to producing these programs themselves, and they are very successful at it. Much of Thúy Nga's very old programs back in late 1980s have been remastered into the 21st century in the new DVD format.

Some documentary-musical programs include:

  • Giã Biệt Sài Gòn
  • Giọt Nuớc Mắt Cho Việt Nam

both are about the Vietnam War and the Fall of Saigon, and both are best-sellers.

Others include:

  • Nuớc Non Ngàn Dặm Ra Đi
  • Mẹ Trong Lòng Người Đi

Some second-party and third-party productions have also chose to distribute with Thúy Nga, examples include:

  • Phi Nhung Productions (famous for the "Về Quê Em" series, now at number 3)
  • Lam Trường
  • Khánh Ly Productions
  • Quang Le Entertainment

Comedy programs[edit]

Thúy Nga also likes to research on the growing popularity of comedy programs. However, first-party produced comedy programs are only the The Best of Paris By Night Comedy DVD volume sets. These gather all comedy skits of past Paris By Night shows and morphed them into one DVD disc. Some second-party and third-party productions are committed to produce a couple of comedy skits for Thúy Nga, such as Phi Nhung Productions and Hoài Linh.

Movies and films[edit]

Since the beginning of the Paris By Night program, Thúy Nga have been gathering international rights to films produced by Lido Films, which is based back in Vietnam. They gathered a handsome amount of Lido's films. Since the deal ended, Thúy Nga never got back to the film business until they decided to remaster all Lido's films into the DVD format. Now, current distribution deals are with director Victor Vu's films, which was first announced as an Asia Entertainment affiliate, one of Thúy Nga's competitors, until Thúy Nga snatched the deal. A notable Vietnamese director, Victor Vu has already directed and produced two films for Thúy Nga, both are really popular in both the international and Vietnamese communities. Vu's films are notable winners at local film fairs. Thúy Nga has not yet produced a first-party film yet, and rumors are going around that Thúy Nga might one day enter the business themselves, however, nothing has been announced.

Văn Nghệ Magazines[edit]

Beginning in Paris By Night 52: Giã Từ Thế Kỷ, Thúy Nga announced Văn Nghệ Magazine. Just like its name, Văn Nghệ, which means, "entertainment arts", showcases articles on the entertainment show business. One magazine is released for every Paris By Night video released. For example, if five Paris By Night videos are released in a year, then five Văn Nghệ magazines are released in a year. Many speculators think that Thúy Nga only created the magazine to advertise the upcoming, or recently released, Paris By Night video. Its Editor-in-Chief is Lê Xuân Trường (a well known musician who has written more than 60 hits for Paris By Night programs since 1995.).

Văn Nghệ Magazine, contains a lot of respected writers and reviewers around the Vietnamese communities worldwide.

Fans can also subscribe the magazine for $60.00 USD for 12 issues, which is about 3 years, for an estimate of 4 issues released per year.

Audio books[edit]

In the rise of books on tape, also known as audiobooks, Thúy Nga introduced Thúy Nga Audio Books. A few of Thúy Nga's main competitors, such as Kim Loi, have already introduced audio books to the Vietnamese communities already, and was a major hit. Thúy Nga decided to recreate Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn's stories into audio books. It was introduced on cassette tapes, which is no longer produced. The first audio book is a non-Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn story, but more mainly a collection of short stories written by other Vietnamese authors. It was not until the second audio book was when Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn was contracted to read, and contribute to the audio book program.

Mainly, the author (Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn) would include a second reader to read with him. Mainly his co-host on the Paris By Night program, Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên, singer Ái Vân, and comedian Hồng Đào. Now, present audio books now only include Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Hồng Đào, as they are the most favorite.

From audio book number 2 to 25, all stories are mainly society short stories, and was a big hit in the communities. Beginning in audio book number 27, Thúy Nga introduced the first ever, full-length audio book, with a whopping 6 cassettes on one set of audio books. Beginning in audio book number 60, Thúy Nga began to produce the audio books on both CD and cassettes. In audio book number 68, Thúy Nga ceased production on cassettes, and converted to CD-only. As of now, Thúy Nga is in the process of converting all their old cassettes audio book programs to the new CD remastered discs. Popularity of the audio books has grown wary ever since Thúy Nga ran out of stories to produce. Now, Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn mainly contributes to his best-selling series, Việt Kiều, now (as of 2006) at number six.

VietFace TV[edit]

In 2011, Thuy Nga launched its own free-to-air Vietnamese-language satellite channel called VietFace TV. The station is found on KJLA digital channel 57.2, transmitted through the Galaxy 19 telecommunications satellite, and is available for free throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.[2] It broadcasts its own local and international news programs, Vietnamese cultural shows, dramas and comedy shows, excerpts from Thuy Nga's own Paris By Night productions and interviews of its singers and performers, fashion programs, music shows and Vietnamese singing contests.[3] It is also streamed online for free viewing over the Internet worldwide.


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