Thy Majestie

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Thy Majestie
Vocalist Dario Cascio and Thy Majestie live at Fear Dark Festival, 2008.
Background information
Origin Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Genres Power metal, Symphonic metal
Years active 1999 - present
Labels Scarlet Records, Dark Balance
Members Dario Cascio
Dario D'Alessandro
Claudio Diprima
Simone Campione
Giuseppe Carrubba
Past members Gabriele Grilli
Michele Cristofalo
Giulio Di Gregorio
Matt Aub
Giovanni Santini
Dario Grillo

Thy Majestie is an Italian Power metal band that formed in 1999. Their music is typically cinematic, epic, symphonic, progressive and darker than typical power metal with symphonic influences.[1][2] They have released four full-length albums.


Guitarist Simone Campione and Thy Majestie live at Fear Dark Festival, 2008.

The band was started by Giuseppe Bondì and Claudio Diprima with the desire to create their own music after playing in a cover band. Maurizio Malta, Giovanni Santini, Michele Cristofalo and Dario Grillo joined them to form Thy Majestie. After releasing Sword, Crown and Shields, a 3-track demo, Thy Majestie composed new material which was recorded in March 1999 titled Perpetual Glory. It was highly praised by Italian metal magazines[citation needed] and they were able to sign a contract with Scarlet Records. In March 2000 they began working on their debut album The Lasting Power which was finished in April 2000.

On September 2001 LIMB Music (who produced Rhapsody of Fire) took notice of Thy Majestie but could not sign a deal with them because they were already signed to Scarlet Music to record two albums. In January 2002 Thy Majestie was contacted by Thomas Youngblood to support him on his European tour with his band Kamelot but they could not afford travel expenses and had to record another album 2 months later.

In 2002, they released the album Hastings 1066 which is based on the Battle of Hastings.

In November 2003, vocalist Dario Grillo left the band to pursue a solo career (as leader of the band Platens). In December 2003, Gabriele Grilli (who has also played in Doomsword) joined as his replacement. But in October 2004 he left as well "due to personal reasons", one of them being the distance between Grilli's hometown, Varese, and Palermo, where the other members of the band live. One song was released with Gabriele on vocals, namely a demo version of The Siege of Paris, later to appear on the Jeanne d'Arc album. Shortly thereafter, Giulio Di Gregorio (also in Irencros) was announced as the new singer.

2005 saw the release of the third Thy Majestie album, Jeanne d'Arc, which is a concept album about the French heroine Jeanne d'Arc. The album was released through Scarlet Records. Its style has been compared to that of the Italian band Labyrinth.[3]

The 3 of May 2005, Giulio Di Gregorio was expelled from the band due to his poor knowledge of the English language and his numerous health problems which kept him from performing live with the band. After a short period when USA-based singer Matt Aub (from Timelord) had been singing for the band, it was announced that Thy Majestie's first vocalist, Dario Grillo would be returning to the band. His return, however, caused the same problems experienced four years earlier and lead to a definitive separation. Dario Grillo was replaced by Fingerbang singer Dario Cascio.[4] At the same time guitarist Giovanni Santini decided to leave the band and was replaced by Simone Campione. During the end of year 2007, the other founding member, Giuseppe Bondi, left Thy Majestie due to personal reasons.

A new keyboarder, Valerio Castorino, was taken in and the band signed with a new record label, Dark Balance Records. Thy Majestie performed at the Immortal Metal Fest in Finland on 19 April 2008 as well as at Fear Dark in Zwolle, the Netherlands on 24 May 2008 and in Stuttgart, Germany[2] on 1 June 2008. The group released their latest album Dawn on 1 September 2008, which has been compared to the Swedish metal scene, namely Axenstar and Dragonland.[1]

Valerio Castorino, who toured with Thy Majestie during their last gigs in Europe left the band because of private matters. Giuseppe Carrubba, who also plays with Inner Quest, an Italian Progressive metal band replaced him.


  • Perpetual Glory (self-production, 1999)

1. Thy Majestie Theme/The Green Lands
2. Sword Of Justice
3. March Of The Damned
4. Under Siege
5. Durnovaria
6. Mystery Of Forest
7. Hywelbane
8. Treachery
9. Facing The Beast
10. Nymph's Recall
11. Time To Battle

  • The Lasting Power (Scarlet Records, 2000)

1. Thy Majestie Theme
2. Wings Of Wind
3. March Of The Damned
4. Under Siege
5. Name Of Tragedy
6. Durnovaria
7. ...At The Village
8. Mystery Of Forest
9. Cruenta Pugna
10. The Green Lands
11. Sword Of Justice
12. Tears Of Sorrow
13. Treachery
14. Nymph's Recall
15. Time To Battle

1. Rerum Memoria
2. The King And The Warrior
3. Echoes Of War
4. The Sight Of Telham Hill
5. Incipit Bellum
6. The Scream Of Taillefer
7. Anger Of Fate
8. The Pride Of A Housecarl
9. Through The Bridge Of Spears
10. Demons On The Crown

1. Revelations
2. Maiden Of Steel
3. The Chosen
4. Ride To Chinon
5. ...For Orleans
6. Up To The Battle!
7. March Of The Brave
8. The Rise Of A King
9. Siege Of Paris
10. Time To Die
11. Inquisition
12. The Trial

1. As you Fall
2. M.A.D.
3. Dawn
4. The Hunt
5. The Legacy Suite
5a. Of Pain and Disgrace
5b. To an Endless Devotion
5c. Inferis Armata
5d. Two Minutes Hate
5e. The Legacy
6. Out the Edge
7. Day of the Changes
8. Through Heat and Fire

1. Zhongguo
2. Seven Reigns
3. Harbinger Of New Dawn
4. Siblings Of Tian
5. Walls Of Emperor
6. Under The Same Sky
7. Farewell
8. Huanghun
9. Ephemeral
10. End Of The Days (featuring Fabio Lione)
11. Requiem


Former members[edit]


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