Tian Xu

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This article is about the Cao Wei general. For the Tang Dynasty general, see Tian Xu (Tang Dynasty).
Tian Xu
Simplified Chinese 田续
Traditional Chinese 田續
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Tian.

Tian Xu was a name that was referenced multiple times during the historical and fictional records of the late Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.

One Tian Xu was the son of Tian Chou's nephew.

Another Tian Xu was a prime factor throughout the Zhong Hui and Deng Ai's final campaign to conquer Shu. He was the one who personally seized Deng Ai (after Deng Ai conquered Shu) while he was sleeping through the orders of Zhong Hui. This was because Zhong Hui was planning on taking over Wei as well in the end. After a long feud broke out through the extremely excessive conduct that was ordered by Zhong Hui, he was slain along with many others (including Jiang Wei). Tian Xu took advantage of this suddent turn of events by killing Deng Ai in transit through the fact that he feared Deng Ai would later kill him for being seized. It is not clear whether the nephew of Tian Chou and the Tian Xu who killed Deng were the same person, as no historical record makes that connection clear. The age gap between Tian Chou's death and Tian Xu's killing of Deng appears to make the connection doubtful.

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