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Tianmu Plaza

Tianmu (天母) is a neighborhood located in Shilin, Taipei City, Taiwan. Located on the northern border of Shilin District, Tianmu borders the neighboring district of Beitou and Yangmingshan National Park.

Tianmu is best known as an enclave for Taiwan's US expatriate community. From the mid 1950s to 1979 when the US broke formal ties with Taiwan large portions of the US Armed Forces and their families stationed in Taiwan lived in Tianmu. Middle to lower-ranking US servicemen resided within present-day Tianmu, while higher-ranking officers resided in neighboring Yangmingshan. Other than military housing and recreation significant portions of modern day Tianmu were designated for housing developments created for USAID workers and foreign civilians. As of the 1980s relatively few of these western style developments and buildings remain as they have been replaced by multi storey apartment blocks. The road layout in Tianmu still aligns to the former western style neighborhoods.

With the withdrawal of US serviceman in 1979 the Bank of Taiwan re-purposed the former sites occupied by US military by leasing them to Taipei American School and Taipei Japanese School. With the further creation of Taipei European School Tianmu has continued to attract foreign residents. In addition, several of the countries which retain diplomatic relationships with Taiwan have their foreign embassies and consulates located in Tianmu.

Tianmu is home to Taiwan's first branch of Mister Donut, a Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store, a Sogo department store, and a Dayeh Takashimaya department store. It also hosts a number of western restaurants like Chili's and Cold Stone, as well as specialty stores which cater to the expat community. Moreover, Tianmu is famous for the diversity of foreign cuisines, which includes French, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Thai food.

Tianmu Baseball Stadium, which replaces the old Taipei Municipal Baseball Stadium, is located in Tianmu. Right next to the Baseball Stadium is Tianmu Sports Park. The public facility has six tennis courts, a skating rink, a few children's playgrounds, an open-air theater, four basketball courts, a jogging track, a biking path, and a multi-purpose lawn.

School Education[edit]

Elementary School

  • Taipei Municipal Tianmu Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Sanyu Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Shi-Dong Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Lanya Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Wenchang Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Zhishan Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Yu Nong Elementary School
  • Taipei Municipal Yu Sheng Elementary School

Junior High School

  • Taipei Municipal Tian-Mu Junior High School,
  • Taipei Municipal Lanya Junior High School


Special Education

  • Taipei school for the visually impaired
  • Taipei School of Special Education

Foreign Schools

Embassies and Representative Offices in Tianmu[edit]

There is a special Embassy District in Tianmu where many Embassies and Representative Offices are located.
25°7′0.39″N 121°31′28.26″E / 25.1167750°N 121.5245167°E / 25.1167750; 121.5245167

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