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Web address tianya.cn
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Internet forum
Available in Chinese
Launched 14 February 1999
Alexa rank positive decrease 235 (April 2014)[1]
Tianya Club
Chinese 天涯虚拟社区

Tianya Club is an Internet forum in China; currently it is the 12th most visited site in the People's Republic of China and 72nd overall.[2] It was founded on 14 February 1999.

It provides BBS, blog, microblog and photo album services.

Politicians have used Tianya Club to campaign, answer questions from constituents, and gather grassroots support.[3]

Notable memes derived from Tianya Club[edit]

It has also been involved in Chinese news stories such as a revival of the 1995 Tsinghua University poisoning story about Zhu Ling.[4]

  • Tianya Club was the progenitor of the Hanxin hoax and was involved in the exposure of the 2007 Chinese slave scandal.Tianya Club is also famous for its social search, nicknamed the "human flesh search engine" (Renrou Sousuo, meaning "human flesh search" literally, extended to "by hand" or "not computer aided"). For example, during January 2008 of Edison Chen photo scandal, the Tianya Club users searched out and identified the woman involved, based on a silhouette in a newspaper.
  • Xiao Yueyue: Viral marketing campaign. In an effort to promote Tianya ahead of its IPO, writer Xu Jiayi, a novelist and fourth-year University of Shanghai drama student who volunteered at the 2010 Shanghai Expo,[5] concocted an elaborate scatological account of a "stupendous girl's" national day vacation adventure to the Expo.[6][7]

Chinese netizens were enthralled about the live updates posted by Tianya user "Rong Rong" throughout the weekend,[citation needed] as she posted describing the unwitting grotesque social faux pas of her obese friend Xiao Yueyue (Little Moon moon). The story opens with a declaration by Rong Rong that Yue Yue was the sole cause of ruining her national day holiday. Yue Yue, an innocent but extremely clumsy and apparently socially oblivious school teacher from Wuhu, Anhui, was visiting with her boyfriend Little W, her friend Rong Rong a professional in Shanghai. Which slowly cascades into a gong show like bizarre series unfolding the clumsy grotesque antics of awkward Xaio Yue Yue as, defecating and merely wiping her hands on her sweater then caress petting her boyfriend's face, slipping in her own feces, inquiring her aging taxi driver if he was still fertile, and prescribing drinking urine to increase his virility.[5]

Although the fiction of Xaio Yue Yue was quickly discovered, fans of Yue Yue produced games, and drew sketches describing what Xaio Yue Yue might look like if she was real. Tianya managed to boost up its visitors; fans have also set up a tongue-in-cheek religion worshiping Xaio Yue Yue, Taobao offers apparel described by "Rong Rong", worn by Xiao Yue Yue, and study groups trying to make sense of the bizarre accounts were established.[8]

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