Tiens Biotech Group

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Industry Pharmaceutical
Founded 1995
Founder Li JinYuan, (CEO)
Headquarters Tianjin, People's Republic of China
Area served
People's Republic of China
Key people
Dr. Wenjun Jiao,(CFO)
Eric Doering, General Counsel
Yupeng Yan, VP HR, Admin
Ping Bai, Exec. Asst. to President
Cindy Lu, Secretary
Socorro M. Quintero, Director
Howard R. Balloch, Director
Gilbert D. Raker, Director
Products Pharmaceutical
nutrition supplement
Revenue Increase$77.2 million USD (2010)
Increase$27.7 million USD (2010)
Number of employees
1,549 (31 December 2010)
Subsidiaries Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd.
Tiens Yihai Co., Ltd.
Website http://www.tiens.com

Tiens [ˈti:ɛns] (from Chinese: 天狮 (Tianshi, heavenly lion), compound word from 狮 (Shi, lion) und 天 (Tian, heaven); official name TIENS) is a multinational conglomerate, mainly operating in biotechnology, logistics, finance, property, international trade, retail, e-business, education and tourism. The company headquarters are in the Chinese port city of Tianjin.

Smaller business operations were noted in September 2003 on NASDAQ and in April 2005 on AMEX.


The business was founded in 1995 by Li Jinyuan (businessman). Starting in Spring 1998, it was able to establish itself on the international market. Its first business activity was the export of traditional Chinese medicinal products, Calcium tablets and instant coffee. These products were sold via direct marketing sold directly to consumers, reaching 16 million customers in 190 countries as of 2009, according to the company's website.[1] Most consumers were located in Russia, with some 60 thousand in Germany.

Through a multi-level marketing approach, Tiens suppplies its products through independent agents to the final customer. As of 2009, Tiens claimed to have more than 12 million direct salespeople worldwide, including over 40 thousand in Germany alone .[2]

Tiens claims to donate 200 million United States dollars per year for public benefit and social programs.[1]


Previoius Tiens employees have claimed that the products are medically useless, and the cult of personality surrounding Li Jinyuan is also strongly criticised.[3]

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