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Science Center Tietomaa
Tiedekeskus Tietomaa
Tietomaa Oulu 1989.jpg
Tietomaa in 1989.
Established June 1988 (1988-06)[1]
Location Myllytulli, Oulu
Coordinates 65°01′05″N 025°29′03″E / 65.01806°N 25.48417°E / 65.01806; 25.48417Coordinates: 65°01′05″N 025°29′03″E / 65.01806°N 25.48417°E / 65.01806; 25.48417
Type Science Center
Visitors 74 567 (2008)[2]
Director Jonna-Marleena Härö[2]
Owner City of Oulu[2]
Public transit access Local bus nr 17[3]
Website www.tietomaa.fi

Tietomaa is a science center in Oulu, Finland. It is located in Myllytulli neighbourhood near the city centre. It is the first science centre in Finland and it was opened in June 1988.[1]

Tietomaa is located in old buildings of the Veljekset Åström Oy, a former leather processing factory. The main exhibitions are located in the former power station. Tietomaa's 45-metre (148 ft) observation tower with a glass elevator outside the tower is a former water tower of the factory.


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