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Tiffany Vollmer (born July 22, 1973) is an American voice actress best known for voicing Bulma in the Dragon Ball franchise.



Vollmer was cast as Bulma in 1999 for Funimation's third season of Dragon Ball Z, replacing Leslie Alexander, who left the franchise after playing Bulma in DB Movie 2, that was recorded much earlier. Vollmer was part of the cast that replaced the heavily edited dubbing by the Ocean Group of DBZ's first two seasons. She has since gone on to voice Bulma for the rest of Funimation's dubbing of the Dragon Ball franchise, including the original Dragon Ball series, and the uncut versions of DBZ's first two seasons.[1] She also voiced a few smaller, additional characters in the Dragon Ball franchise as well.

While Vollmer's body of voiceover work is small compared to most English VAs, with Bulma being the only major character she voiced, the number of episodes Vollmer voices Bulma in is extensive, since Bulma is a prominent character in the entire run of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.[citation needed]

Vollmer also voiced Bulma in Dragon Ball GT (where Bulma's role, like that of most prior characters in the DB franchise, is greatly reduced), 2 DB movies, 9 DBZ movies, I DB video game, and 8 DBZ video games.[1] Currently, Monica Rial voices Bulma in most recent Dragon Ball related material.

With Funimation's dubbing of the Dragon Ball franchise now largely over, Vollmer has since worked on a couple of live action films, both in front of and behind the camera. She was the associate producer of the half hour short, Placebo (2006) (co-starring three of her fellow Funimation VAs Laura Bailey, Meredith McCoy, and Mike McFarland).[2] She also worked on the 2008 film Ciao, as actress, key makeup artist, and head of wardrobe.[1] Most recently, she provided makeup and wardrobe for the 2008 film Stalker's Dating Guide.[1]

In 2010, Vollmer was the assistant director and art director for the horror film, Evidence of a Haunting which was released in Fall 2010.[3]

Vollmer currently resides as a film producer in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Voice roles (as Bulma)[edit]



Video games[edit]

Other appearances[edit]


Live action[edit]

  • Placebo (2006) (associate producer only)
  • Doctor in Ciao (2008) (also key makeup artist and wardrobe)
  • Stalker's Dating Guide (2008) (makeup artist and wardrobe)
  • Evidence of a Haunting (2010) (assistant director, art director)


  • Invasion Anime (2002)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3: Behind the Screams (2004)


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