Tiger Moon (band)

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Tiger Moon
Origin Miami, U.S.A
Genres Freestyle, disco
Years active 1987–1988
Labels Atlantic Records
Vision Records (US)
Members Mark Chambers
Felix DeKatt
David Geffinn

Tiger Moon was a disco/freestyle Miami-based group that is known for their 1987 song Something Tells Me. The song has appeared in several Gay, Miami and freestyle compilations. The track was sampled by Prince in his song Thieves In the Temple and by other artists.[1][2] Something Tells Me was used in the 1988 movie Frantic [3] during a scene in which Harrison Ford's character, Richard Walker, enters The Blue Parrot looking for Dédé Martin.



  • Something Tells Me (Atlantic Records, 1987)
  • Louie, Louie (Vision Records (US), 1988)

Compilation Appearances[edit]

  • Gay Classics Vol. XII - Over And Out (SoBe Music, 1996) / Track : Something Tells Me
  • Miami Beatz (OS Music, 1996) / Track : Something Tells Me
  • Miami Dance Classics Volume 1 - "Jam On Me" (MIA Records, 1996) / Track : Something Tells Me
  • Miami Freestyle (Vision Records (US), 1996) / Track : Something Tells Me
  • Gay Classics Mega Mix Volume 1 (SoBe Music, 1997) / Track : Something Tells Me
  • Ishology (Foxy - OXO - Company B) (RE Records, 2005) / Track : Something Tells Me
  • Freestyle Highlights Vol. 1 (Soundland Grupo Musica, ?) / Track : Something Tells Me

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