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View of Tigné Point from Valletta.
Map of Tigné Point

Tigné Point is a peninsula in Sliema, Malta. The area was originally occupied by an 18th century fort and 20th century British barracks, which were left derelict for many years until the area was redeveloped in the early 21st century. The area now contains many modern buildings and is popular among both locals and tourists.


Tigné Barracks, before its demolition in 2001

During the Great Siege of Malta of 1565, the Ottoman admiral Dragut Reis stationed a number of cannons at Tigné Point in a siege to capture Fort St Elmo from the Order of Saint John. He was killed by stray gunfire from the fort during the siege, and the extremity of the peninsula still bears his name, Dragut Point.[1]

After the Great Siege, a chapel dedicated to Our Lady under various titles was built instead of a niche that was already in the area. In 1792, the Order built its last major fortification, Fort Tigné, which gave the area its name. The fort was used by Maltese rebels after Napoleon invaded the island in 1798. This conflict resulted in the destruction of the Marian chapel nearby.

During British rule, military barracks and a chapel dedicated to St. Luke were constructed at Tigné. When the British forces left in 1979, the barracks and the whole area fell into decay and neglect. Parts of both the Order's fort and the British barracks were plundered or vandalized.[2]

In 1999, the Government of Malta issued an international call for applications for the regeneration of the peninsula. The derelict barracks were demolished in 2001 and the area began to be redeveloped from 2002 onwards by MIDI plc. The real estate development includes a mix of modern luxurious apartments, hi-tech offices, an aparthotel, a shopping complex, a cinema, an underground multi-story car park, a football pitch, and other state of the art health and leisure amenities. The whole area was completely pedestrianized. Moreover, Fort Tigné was restored back to its original state after nearly 30 years of disrepair.

Present Day[edit]

Parts of The Point Shopping Mall still include some architectural elements from the former Tigné Barracks.
The ferry boat Cominotto with an advert for The Point Shopping Mall.

Since the redevelopment project, Tigné Point has changed considerably. The modern buildings, easy accessibility and other factors helped transform the area from neglected abandoned barracks to a popular area which is frequented by both locals and tourists. It has a number of attractions.

The Point Shopping Mall opened in early 2010, built on the site of the former Tigné Barracks. Parts of the mall in Pjazza Tigné still contain some architectural elements of the barracks, including a series of arches that run along the square. The Point is Malta's largest shopping mall and it contains about 17,000m2 of retail floor space spread over three levels. It includes a supermarket and over 50 other shops.[3]


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