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Tigzirt is a small town on the coast of northeast Algeria in Tizi Ouzou Province. It has a sleepy demeanor and attracts only a small number of tourists. The ruins of a Christian religion basilica from the 5th century or 6th century are there, situated in the middle of Tigzirt. The town site was inhabited in the prehistoric era and the trading port of Iomnium was built during the Roman Empire.

The beach is only average in its appeal, as it is stony. It is sheltered and tucked beneath the hills which separate it from Tizi-Ouzou. A local tourist office is open in the summer months and there are lodging quarters at the Hotel el Awres on main street. A few kilometers to the east is located the more upscale Hotel Mizrana.[1]

Overview of the port of Tigzirt


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Coordinates: 36°54′N 4°07′E / 36.900°N 4.117°E / 36.900; 4.117