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Tiina Sanila

Tiina Juulia Sanila-Aikio (born March 1983 in Inari, Finland) is a Skolt woman from Sevettijärvi, a village in Inari, who published the first full-length rock CD in Skolt Sami ever in 2005. The name of the CD is called Sää´mjânnam rocks! and it was produced by Tuupa Records Oy in Finland. Sanila's next full-length CD Kå´llkue´ll še måttmešt tålkk was released on 26 May 2007 at the Ijahis Idja festival in Inari.

In addition to singing, she is actively involved in Sámi politics and has served on numerous committees.

In December 2006, Tiina Sanila received the Cultural Award from the Province of Lapland in Finland for her work.


Sää´mjânnam rocks! (Sameland rocks!), 2005[edit]

1. Joo´tti kaass (Stray cat)
2. Jååǥǥar lij jie´lli (Andy is an animal)
3. Ǩiurrâl* (Cyril)
4. Ovlla*
5. Ráhkistatgo´n mu? (Do you love me?)
6. Jie´lǩâni (Without living)
7. Äi´ǧǧ (Time)
8. Muäna (The two of us)
9. čuu´t jiânnai (Too much) (video)
10. Tuõddâr casanova (The casanova of the mountains)
11. Vuõssmõs jorddmõs -leu´dd (trad.) (The first thought leudd)
  • Both Ǩiurrâl and Ovlla are men's names.

Uuh!, 2006[edit]

On 7 June 2006, Tiina Sanila released a new single entitled “Uuh!”, which broke into the Finnish charts in 3rd place during the 26th week of 2006.[1]

1. Uuh (uuh_01.wmv video)
2. Tuõddâr casanova (The Casanova of the Fells)

Kå´llkue´ll še måttmešt tålkk (Sometimes the goldfish gets bored, too), 2007[edit]

1. Ij leäkku tuõtt (It's Not True)
2. Tango
3. Uuh
4. Puäʒʒoummu-reggae (Reindeerman Reggae)
5. Meädda mu´st (Away From Me)
6. Lie ääi´j, kuä´ss ij pâi vuei´t (There are times when you just can't)
7. Sää´mnalla (In a Sámi way)
8. Čuâccmõš da tå´skk (Pain and Suffering)
9. ”Suåppmõš” ("A contract")
10. Ton <3 Mon (You <3 Me)


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