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Type Private
Headquarters 8301 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050, United States
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Tim Green, Loretta McCarty
Employees > 50
Website / eyepartner.com
Alexa rank positive decrease 86,684 (October 2013)[1]
Available in English
Launched 1996
Current status Active

Eyepartner headquartered in Marathon, Florida, United States is a company that creates, deploys and hosts streaming media solutions designed for the non-technical broadcaster, producer and progressive entrepreneur. Eyepartner solutions allow broadcasters and producers the ability to stream live HD or SD video, HD audio and record Video On Demand (VOD).[2] With their streaming media solution, LIVE and VOD content can be broadcast to set-top boxes, mobile devices and web sites. It can also be delivered within popular CMS platforms such as WordPress and embedded on social platforms like Facebook.[3]

Eyepartner is also a rich media hosting solution.[4] and a custom web development company whose core products include. TikiLIVE, a white-label live streaming media platform where users can set up a channel to broadcast live video or radio shows. JamOnCam, a Pay-Per-View webcam broadcasting platform that can also be white labeled. The HD Wave and The HD Wave Deskshare windows applications, that are h.264-based HD broadcasters used to stream HD or SD video from various sources. Monster Encoder, a web-based solution to convert almost any known video format into .mp4, .flv or .webm for streaming to a wide range of devices such as web browsers, mobile phones, and Roku stb. Channel Manager, a simple drag and drop interface for creating playlists to play content out in a television-like format.


1996 through 2011[edit]

Eyepartner was started in 1996 with a business plan focused on designing and building web applications for customers. The company realized that the industry was moving towards video delivery and rich media solutions and shifted their focus to streaming video in 2001. Using Macromedia Flash, Eyepartner delivered a community broadcasting portal with live video streaming, interactive chat and VOD content.[5]


On February 8, 2011, Eyepartner released a Set Top Box Module that enabled live streams to be broadcast to the popular line of Roku Set Top Boxes.[6][7] The company in this same time also enable their TikiLIVE platform to work with 3rd party broadcasters such as Wirecast from www.telestream.net, Flash Media Live Encoder from www.adobe.com, TriCaster from www.NewTek.com, and VidBlaster from www.VidBlaster.com.[8] In March 15, 2011, auto record was added to TikiLIVE enabling broadcasts to be available as Video On Demand (VOD) as soon as an event was over.[9] The release of their rtmp white label set top box came next allowing custom branding and streaming of content to HD TVs.[10] Eyepartner was also named one of the top 100 companies that matter most in online video by streamingmedia.com.[11]


On January 17, 2012 Eyepartner released a WordPress module that easily embeds TikiLIVE content into a WordPress-managed site.[12] That same month, Eyepartner made it possible for broadcasters to stream HD LIVE and VOD content on Facebook using TikiLIVE.[13] Eyepartner then released an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that automatically populates a broadcaster’s licensed content with channel information, a show description, and graphics.[14] In July, the HD Wave was updated to provide a local record of broadcasters’ streams live in HD.[15] In October, they released Monster Encoder for adapting pre recorded content to be HTML5 enabled.[16] At the end of 2012 Eyepartner released the TikiLIVE HTML5 Set-Top Box that can be white-labeled for any organization.[17][18]


Eyepartner specializes in delivering rich media software, blue printing, rapid development, script writing, software building, tech support, video conferencing, and VOD (Video on demand) implementations. They use in-house software tools as modules to deliver solutions such as iPTV, Video On Demand, LIVE pay-per-view solutions as well as social community portals.[19]



Eyepartner’s product, TikiLIVE, is a social media platform as well as a streaming media and Video on Demand (VOD) solution. TikiLIVE enables broadcasters to stream live radio as well as HD and SD video from their desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Broadcasters and producers may also stream video in real time from a capture device with their HD Wave product for live broadcasting. TikiLIVE is a comprehensive solution for broadcasting streaming media over the Web.[20] Additionally, TikiLIVE is a white-label product that lets its users create an unlimited number of uniquely branded channels for their network.[3][21][22]


JamOnCam is Eyepartner’s Pay-Per-View platform that provides producers and broadcasters with a revenue generating content solution. JamOnCam allows for the monetization of streaming or VOD content to viewers at pay-per-minute, pay-per-month, or pay-per-view rates. There is also a complete back office accounting interface that allows administrators and producers to track viewer usage and ticket sales. This platform is also able to run real time daily, weekly, and monthly reports in its accounting interface. JamOnCam even offers a feature to leave tips and donations for offline broadcasters.[3][23]

The HD Wave[edit]

The HD Wave enables its users to stream LIVE HD or SD quality video online. The HD Wave is a windows-based, software encoder, used with traditional video sources or capture devices such as webcams, camcorders, or DVD/Blu-ray players. Broadcasters can use this tool to deliver their content to different platforms such as web browsers, Roku, iOS and Android devices.[24][25]

The HD Wave Deskshare[edit]

The HD Wave Deskshare is a windows-based, software encoder that enables users to instantly stream their entire desktop or any part of their screen in either Standard or High Definition for live presentations. The ability to use Picture-in-Picture is also present, allowing the webcam feed of the presenter to also be seen.[24][25]

Monster Encoder[edit]

Monster Encoder is a solution used to convert almost any known video format into .mp4, .flv or .webm. Monster Encoder allows broadcasters to encode their content to HTML5 video formats (including MP4 and WebM) to be played out on non-Flash supported devices such as iPhones and Androids. The encoder can batch process video, transcode them into multiple bitrates, and converts them to formats compatible for web, STB and mobile devices.[26][27]

Channel Manager[edit]

Eyepartner's Channel Manager uses a simple Drag-and-Drop interface for setting up playlists to create channel lineups. This allows users the ability to build unlimited scheduled programming. Using a Set Top Box (STB) device with Channel Manager allows its users to create their own unique IPTV network and take advantage of its digital signage capabilities. The Channel Manager can also ingest commercial breaks for monetization and can even be use to loop HD video content endlessly to keep channels live 24/7.[28]


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