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For other uses, see Tikka (disambiguation).
Paneer tikka served in a restaurant in Mumbai, India
Type Hors d'oeuvre
Place of origin
Main ingredients
Meat, marinade or curry
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Tikka (or teeka, teekka) is a type of Indian or Pakistani food. The word that comes from Persian تکه (piece) and is pronounced [ʈɪkkaː] in Hindi and Urdu [1] refers to a piece of meat, such as a cutlet, and the popular dish chicken tikka is made of chicken cutlets in a marinade. A westernised version, chicken tikka masala, a curry, is a widely popular dish in the United Kingdom. The marinade used in the preparation of chicken tikka is also sometimes called tikka; it is made from a mixture of aromatic spices and yogurt. Paneer prepared in a tandoor is also known as paneer tikka.



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