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Tilarán is a small town in the Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. It is the seat of the Tilarán Canton located in the hills overlooking the west shore of Lake Arenal. It is connected by road to El Silencio, and via the 142 road down through the Cordillera de Tilarán hills to Tejona.[1] The area between Tilaran and Tejona is one of the

ost important wind farms in Costa Rica and turbines are prominent on the landscape. Animal husbandry also forms an important part of the local economy.

Wind turbine in Tilarán

The main religion is Roman Catholicism and the town lies at the center of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tilarán.

Notable people[edit]

Carlos Palacios Herrera Professional Ciclist

  • Loco Doooglas -Oasis of the Toucans
  • Luis Esteban Herrera -Pianist
  • Doris Murillo Boniche - Local Artist. Retired Art professor.


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