Till I Loved You (song)

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This article is about the Plácido Domingo and Jennifer Rush song. For the Restless Heart song, see Til I Loved You.

"Till I Loved You" is a song from the never-staged musical Goya: A Life in Song, based on the life of the Spanish artist Francisco Goya.

The original was sung by tenor Plácido Domingo and American singer Dionne Warwick. It was subsequently released as a single by Domingo with another collaborator to the album Jennifer Rush. The song reached #24 on the UK Charts in 1989, and was featured on the concept album of the musical.

It was covered (although released first) as a duet by Don Johnson and Barbra Streisand, and appeared on Streisand's 1988 album of the same name, and later on her 2002 compilation, Duets. As a single, it reached #16 in the United Kingdom and #25 in the United States.

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