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Tilsit Éditions is a French game publisher started in 1997 by Didier Jacobée. It makes board games, strategy games, games for kids, and other such games.

Tilsit also distributed a number of French versions of Kosmos games, but the collaboration ended in 2006. Since 2003, Tilsit has published three main lines: Tilsit Collection for large-box games, Tilsit Poche for small-box multiplayer games and Tilsit Famille for intermediate games.

Some games published in French by Tilsit[edit]

Tilsit Collection[edit]

  1. Maka Bana, 2003, François Haffner (fr), Prix du Public du Jeu de Saint-Herblain 2004, Trophée Flip 2004
  2. Kanaloa, 2003, Günter Cornett (de)
  3. Skåål, 2004, Thierry Lebourg alias Dr. Mops
  4. Himalaya, 2004, Régis Bonnessée
  5. Key Largo, 2005, Paul Randles, Mike Selinker and Bruno Faidutti

Tilsit Poche[edit]

  1. Wanted!, 2003, Emiliano Sciarra
  2. Korsar, 2005, Reiner Knizia
  3. Fantasy Pub, 2005, Emanuele Ornella
  4. Caramba!, 2005, Michael Schacht
  5. Red Hot Silly Dragon, 2005, Guillaume Blossier et Frédéric Henry