Tilt (1979 film)

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Theatrical release poster.
Directed by Rudy Durand
Produced by Rudy Durand
Written by Donald Cammell
Rudy Durand
Starring Brooke Shields
Ken Marshall
Charles Durning
Lorenzo Lamas
Music by Lee Holdridge
Cinematography Richard H. Kline
Edited by Don Guidice
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release dates
April 1979
Running time
111 min
Country USA
Language English

Tilt is a 1979 comedy film starring Brooke Shields as the protagonist, Tilt, a young pinball wizard.


Tilt (Shields) is a young pinball wizard who has thoughts of running away from home. Skipping school one day, Tilt decides to go to Mickey's Bar, where the owner helps set her up for a pinball game with an unaware gambler named Felix (Gary Mule Deer). As the easily hustled Felix loses, Neil (Ken Marshall) watches and is impressed with Tilt's talent. Neil tells Tilt that he is a hopeful country and western star and needs to raise money to make a demo tape of his songs. After hearing Neil's musical talent, she's impressed and agrees to help by traveling with him, raising cash with her pinball skill. When the two eventually end up back at Neil's former employer, "The Whale" (Charles Durning), Neil sets up a game between Tilt and him. However, Neil doesn't realize Tilt has caught on to his lies and manipulation, and his plans are not going to go as hoped.

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