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Tim Barela (born in Los Angeles, California), is an acclaimed gay cartoonist, best known for his creation of the comic strip, Leonard & Larry.[1] The Leonard & Larry characters first appeared in a 1984 issue of Gay Comix, then were later featured in The Advocate and Frontiers magazines.[2] The comic series is collected in four volumes published by Palliard Press.

Personal information[edit]

Barela was[3] an avid motorcyclist.[4]


Barela began working as a cartoonist in the mid-1970s. He took his life and career out of the closet in the '80s by creating a gay comic strip, Leonard & Larry, named for its two gay main characters.

Beginning in 1984, Leonard & Larry appeared in several issue of the anthology title Gay Comix, including its own one-issue Gay Comix Special in 1990. It was also published in the national news magazine Frontiers for many years. The strip was part of Out of the Inkwell, a play presented in 1994 by San Francisco's Theatre Rhinoceros.[4]

The Leonard & Larry collection Kurt Cobain & Mozart Are Both Dead was a nominee for the Lambda Literary Award in the Humor category.[5]


Leonard & Larry has been released in four different collections which include:

  • Domesticity Isn't Pretty (1993)
  • Kurt Cobain & Mozart Are Both Dead (1996)
  • Excerpts from the Ring Cycle in Royal Albert Hall (2000)
  • How Real Men Do It (2003)[4]


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