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Tim Michael Lenton is Professor of Climate Change and Earth System Science at the University of Exeter. Formerly he worked at the University of East Anglia.[1] In April 2013 he was awarded the Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award.[2]

Gaia Hypothesis[edit]

Tim Lenton has taken an interest in the Gaia Hypothesis throughout much of his career. In a significant publication early in his career in Nature,[3] Lenton addressed a concern that the Gaia Hypothesis was incompatible with the theory of natural selection by demonstrating that a model based on Daisyworld was in fact strengthened by incorporating natural selection. In addition, Lenton co-authored the book "Revolutions that Made the Earth"[4] with Andy Watson[disambiguation needed], which expands on the ideas of James Lovelock on the Gaia Hypothesis, by highlighting mechanisms by which the Earth system has been stabilised by negative feedbacks throughout Earth history.

Significant publications[edit]

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