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The Tim Sims Playhouse was the second stage or cabaret space located within The Second City's new building in Toronto, after the company moved from The Old Fire Hall on Lombard Street.

The theatre was named for Tim Sims, a well-known and respected member of the Toronto theatre and comedy communities as an actor, improviser, writer and director. It no longer exists since financial troubles forced The Second City to close its theatre and move, but they plan to re-open a second theatre and name it for Tim Sims.

Sims was also widely known for helping younger comedians get their start, and had the Tim Sims Award named for him as well. The award is given out annually to Toronto's most promising new comedy act, and when the Tim Sims Theatre was open the annual Fresh Meat showcase (for the award) took place there, with the actual awards show (produced by The Comedy Network) taking place on the main stage.

For almost its entire run in Toronto, Tony n' Tina's Wedding was produced in the Tim Sims Playhouse.