Time's Up Live

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Time's Up Live
Video by Psychic TV
Released 2001
Label Music Video Distributors DR-4332
Psychic TV Official Video chronology
Time's Up Live
Black Joy

Time's Up Live is a live DVD by Psychic TV including additional material by other artists. Recorded live at Royal Festival Hall, London on May 1, 1999.

Performers: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Larry Thrasher, Terry Gilmore, Matthew Best.

Chapter listing[edit]

  1. Psychic TV: "She Touched Me"
  2. Psychic TV: "Riot In The Eye Of The Sky"
  3. Psychic TV: "Seduce Me"
  4. Psychic TV: "Jigsaw"
  5. Psychic TV: "I Like You"
  6. Psychic TV: "Feet Of Broken Glass"
  7. Psychic TV: "Godstar"
  8. Psychic TV: "Play With Fire"
  9. Billy Childish & Thee Headcoats: (untitled)
  10. Question Mark & the Mysterians: (untitled)
  11. Scanner: (untitled)
  12. Thee Majesty: (untitled)
  13. Master Musicians Of Jajouka: (untitled)
  14. Psychic TV: "Cut Up Concert"
  15. Psychic TV: "Godstar (Hyperdelic)"
  16. Psychic TV: "Scared To Live"
  17. Genesis P-Orridge: "Casual Conversation with Quentin Crisp"

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