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TimeSplitters 4
TimeSplitters 4 Official Logo
Developer(s) Crytek UK (disbanded in 2014)
Series TimeSplitters
Engine CryEngine 3
Release date(s) Postponed - Indefinite
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

TimeSplitters 4 is the proposed fourth installment of the TimeSplitters series, to be developed by Crytek UK, formerly known as Free Radical Design, the developers responsible for the first three installments in the series.


In June, 2007, the Official UK PlayStation Magazine revealed that another installment of the TimeSplitters series was being made.[1] However, at Kotaku, Rob Yescombe, the scriptwriter for the previous title in the series, said that the systems they were developing the game for were "unsigned at the moment."[2]

"I'm sure it's possible to do a control scheme that works," Doak added, when asked about his thoughts on developing a first-person shooter for Wii.[3] An early logo for the game was a spoof of the Gears of War logo with a monkey head replacing the skull. There was some concept art for a monkey in Master Chief's armour. Similarly, videos and screenshots of a monkey driving a heavy mechanical diving suit similar to ones featured in BioShock have been released on the developer's website. Because of this, it is expected that there will be more in-game "potshots" of those games as well as other gaming franchises.[1] Yescombe from Free Radical Design confirmed that prediction.[2] Free Radical Design mentioned that TimeSplitters 4 will not use the much-criticised Haze engine, instead opting for some "new and double shiny tech".[4]

Despite the game officially being announced as being in development,[5] the future of the title became uncertain due to Free Radical Design going into administration on December 18, 2008.[6] However, the studio was bought by Crytek, the developers behind the Crysis series. Free Radical have changed their name to Crytek UK. As of August 17, 2009, the project has officially been declared as on hold. In a recent interview, Crytek UK claimed that they would continue the project once there is a high industry demand for such a game.[7]

Crytek UK has filed a new trademark registration for TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. The application was filed on April 26, 2010. Future Perfect was previously released on the Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation 2 in 2005. On November 1, 2010, Crytek UK announced that they were discussing with publishers whether releasing TimeSplitters 4 is the right move to take.[8] Other senior Crytek staff have spoken about 'talks with publishers over the possibilities of a new TS.'[9]

On June 14, 2011, VideoGamer.com informed that a high-ranked source inside Crytek had leaked that the company is currently working on a new game (rumored to be TimeSplitters 4) with DirectX 11 to be released on next-generation platforms, Wii U, and successors to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 [10] Since then, Crytek has denied any collaboration with Microsoft, however confirmed the use of DirectX 11. They made no comment towards the outcome of TimeSplitters 4.[11]

On July 30, 2011, an article in Official PlayStation Magazine September 2011 edition claimed that the fourth installment was to be announced soon by Crytek, stating "Gun-wielding monkeys are making a comeback! A fourth TimeSplitters title is to be announced soon."[12][13]

On November 29, 2012, it was revealed that a group of fans were given permission to develop a TimeSplitters mod using CryEngine 3.[14] The project lead, Michael Hubicka, stated that the ultimate goal is to make it TimeSplitters 4.[15][16]

On March 15, 2013, more information was released on The Escapist. The game will be fan-produced and includes some of the original members of Free Radical Design (now known as Crytek UK), thanks in part to a petition put up on Facebook asking Crytek to make TimeSplitters 4.[17] The game will be taking parts of the best bits of the trilogy and will be named TimeSplitters Rewind. Eventually gaining Crytek's approval, the development team eventually decided on using CryEngine 3. The team said that, although the engine will give it more of a modern look, they "didn't plan on fixing something that isn't broken." They are allowed to use original assets from the series, and will still provide the classic feel and look the original TimeSplitters games did. It will feature a multiplayer mode (via LAN, online, or solo with AI bots) and was planned to have a demo by December 2013. The game will be 100% free on the PC.[18]

Indefinite Postponement[edit]

On September 5, 2011, in an article by review website Cinema Blend, Lead Future Perfect programmer Tristan Reidford revealed that the game was indefinitely postponed. "Future Perfect didn't perform as well as expected in the shops. Although fun to make, without stellar sales figures a further TimeSplitters game was going to be a tough one to sell to publishers. It's a hard game to summarise in an easy sentence like 'car modding racing game' or 'third-person stealth game.'" Lead animator James Cunliffe further explained, "I think we just felt that the franchise was well-received but we had other things we wanted to try before going back to it. We weren't in any particular hurry to rush into TimeSplitters 4."[19]

On April 27, 2012, a spokesperson from Crytek joked that it has "spent all of the development budget on buying monkeys". Quizzed for a more serious answer, the company confirmed "no, it's not in development".[20] On June 12, 2012, Cevat Yerli from Crytek stated that "Look, I wish we were working on it. The thing with TimeSplitters is, if we made a sequel to TimeSplitters, nobody would accept this apart from some fans, and we don't know how big the fan community is unfortunately."[21]

Following Cevat Yerli's comments a Facebook group named '100,000 Strong for Timesplitters 4' was created by fans with the support of Crytek employees to convince publishers the fanbase was large enough to warrant a further Timesplitters title.[22]

TimeSplitters Rewind[edit]

Crytek have given official permission to allow a fan-made "sequel" to the original trilogy appropriately named TimeSplitters Rewind. Development is still in early stages but the game is said to capture all popular features from its predecessor and not fix what is not broken, staying true to the previous games. The project lead Michael Hubicka stated that the release will be free on PC and a PS4 version will be developed.[22]


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