Time (Izabo song)

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Israel "Time"
Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry
Country Israel
Artist(s) Izabo
Languages English, Hebrew
Composer(s) Ran Shem Tov, Shiri Hadar
Lyricist(s) Ran Shem Tov, Shiri Hadar
Appearance chronology
◄ "Ding Dong" (2011)   
"Rak Bishvilo" (2013) ►

Time is a song by Israeli band Izabo. The song represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, but did not make it to the final.[1] The song is described as a pop song with an oriental influence.[2] Frantz writes: "It is surrealistic-postmodern and the tune is close to that of 'Dream Lover' song made popular by Bobby Darin in 1959."[3]