Time Has Come Today

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This article is about the song. For the Grey's Anatomy episode, see Time Has Come Today (Grey's Anatomy).
"Time Has Come Today"
Single by The Chambers Brothers
from the album The Time Has Come
B-side "Dinah" (original single)
"People Get Ready" ("hit" single)
Released 1968
Format 45 single
Genre Psychedelic soul, psychedelic rock
Length 11:06 (LP)
2:37 (original single version)
3:05 ("hit" single version #1)
4:45 ("hit" single version #2)
Label (Columbia/Legacy)
Writer(s) Joe & Willie Chambers
Producer(s) David Rubinson
The Chambers Brothers singles chronology
"Time Has Come Today"
"I Can't Turn You Loose"

"Time Has Come Today" is a song recorded by The Chambers Brothers in 1966 and released on the album The Time Has Come in November 1967. Although the single never quite reached the top ten in America, spending five weeks at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the fall of 1968,[1] it is now considered one of the landmark rock songs of the psychedelic era.[2]

Various effects were employed in its recording and production, including the alternate striking of two cow bells producing a "tick-tock" sound, warped throughout most of the song by reverb, echo and changes in tempo. It also quotes several bars from “The Little Drummer Boy” at 5:40 in the long version.

Released single versions[edit]

  • Original 1966 version – Columbia 43816—completely different version than the more widely known 1968 "hit version".
  • 1968 "hit version" #1 – Columbia 44414 – 3:05 edit of the Lp version. Fades out at the beginning of the "A" chord instrumental break with no other edits within the track. The label does not refer to the album The Time Has Come.
  • 1968 "hit version" #2 – Columbia 44414 – 4:45 edit. The beginning of the "A" chord instrumental break is "overlapped" with its ending, followed by the third-verse reprise. There are also several other edits within this version. The label now mentions the album The Time Has Come.

Cover versions[edit]

In other media[edit]


The song has appeared in many films. Director Hal Ashby used all 11:06 as the backdrop to the climactic scene when Captain Robert Hyde (Bruce Dern) "comes home" to an unfaithful wife (Jane Fonda) in the 1978 Academy Award winning film Coming Home.

Other films it has also been used in include:[3]


The song has also appeared on television episodes:[3]

The song was also the title of the first episode of the third season of Grey's Anatomy.


The song was also featured in the final mission of the video game Homefront, which was developed by THQ and Kaos Studios.

Howard Stern proclaimed his love for the song on The Howard Stern Show, November 20, 2013.


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