Time Squared Academy

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Time2 Academy
50 Fillmore Street
Providence, Rhode Island, 02908
 United States
School type Charter school
School district Providence Public School District
CEEB Code 400144
Director Dr. Stanley Thompson
Teaching staff 42.5 (FTE) (as of 2006-07)[1]
Grades K-12
Enrollment 647 (as of 2006-07)[1]
Student to teacher ratio 15.2 (as of 2006-07)[1]
Slogan To Unite, Educate, and Succeed in the areas of Engineering, Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Time Squared Academy is a charter school in Providence, Rhode Island that specialises in teaching students science and mathematics.


The middle and high school (grades 6-12), established in 1998 uses standards-based instruction in conjunction with computer technology to create a multi-disciplinary approach that equips students for the rigorous demands of science and mathematics instruction. Eighth grade students are exposed to Algebra I and general science in order to accelerate their learning and accommodate the high school curriculum consisting of college preparatory and advanced mathematics, science, and technology courses. The method of using technology as a strategy to enhance curriculum and instruction is a quality that better prepares students for a variety of teaching and learning experiences not only in the classroom but in situations beyond. High school students are introduced to project-based learning within and outside of the academy- an example being the laboratory sciences at Providence College, a lead higher education partner. Seniors are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge of math, science, and technology during the academic year via internships in engineering, math, science, technology, and enrichment courses at local colleges and universities. The current elementary principal is Glenn Piros. Piros joined the school community in August 2013. The former elementary director was Tom Lombardi. He was the elementary principal until June 2013. The previous principal before Lombardi was Antonio DiManna, and he was principal up until June 2011.

Times2 Academy's Educational Program[edit]

Through a variety of pedagogical practices that include student-generated projects, enrichment initiatives, multiple assessments, and university and business partnerships, Times2 Academy students develop a repertoire of learning that prepares them to contribute to a larger community beyond the school. In addition to actively pursuing school-wide learning goals that are primarily academically generated, the Times2 Academy student is taught the importance of learning within the context of social and civic expectations. Moreover, each student is expected to model these social and civic responsibilities in their daily interactions with peers and faculty.

Times2 Academy uses the New Standards as the basis for curriculum development and implementation in its core subject areas. By using literacy and writing across all curricular areas, teachers are better able to build a foundation of learning that supports the school's comprehensive program. To assist the middle and upper school in identifying those competencies and qualities that are crucial for students to realize the school's mission, the administration and Board of Directors approved a K-5 Children's Academy. The Children's Academy is currently serving as the feeder school to the middle and upper school, adeptly intervening with academic supports and directing interests in math, science, engineering, and technology. Prior to the advent of the Children's Academy, any remediation for student learning occurred after the sixth grades, where academic deficiencies proved more numerous. By developing an academic bridge for students in the primary grades to cross over into middle school, and subsequently high school, Times2 Academy is ensuring the fulfillment of its mission.

The curriculum that is used in grades K-3 (and eventually K-5) and the middle and upper school emphasizes those skills that are standards-based and gives all students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery over time. With the advent of Math Investigations, students are given the opportunity to integrate literacy skills with mathematics competencies. In the primary grades students reinforce basic skills with manipulatives and math games that align with literacy. Also by using the University of Chicago Math Project, middle and high school teachers develop modules that assist students in grades 6-12 to move through a mathematics sequence that culminates with AP Calculus in the 12th grade. The science curriculum is rigorous following the standards established by the National Science Foundation. Using research to direct its decision, the Academy's Science Committee inverted its curriculum offerings where conceptual physics is offered to 9th graders, chemistry to sophomores, biology to juniors, and AP Physics to seniors. This inversion of curriculum serves as another way of helping Times2 Academy fulfill its mission.

Enrichment Program[edit]

To ensure that students in grades 9-12 continue their pursuit of rigorous learning beyond high school, experiences in after-school, enrichment courses and activities, as well as Saturday Academics, are formally scheduled to expand the intellectual, social, and civic repertories of students and give them an advantage as they prepare for higher education and subsequent careers.

The objective of the Times2 After-School and Enrichment Program (T 2 AEP), in concert with students, parents, and community members, is to extend learning opportunities and experiences to middle and high school students that go beyond daily classroom learning where unique interests in technology, science, math, and problem solving can be explored using the resources and facilitators of industry and higher education. Some of the current after-school offerings include Web Club, Robotics, Tech Club, ACE Program, Aviation Club, Chess Club, Mock Trial, Yearbook, Studio Productions, Science Olympiad, and computer technology mini-courses such as Flowcharting, HTML, and Sketch Pad. In addition to these after-school offerings, enrichment experiences exist in the Saturday Engineering and Science Academy as well as the Summer Enrichment Program. Through these additional programs, middle and high school students acquire valuable tools that marry their daily coursework to hands-on learning, helping them understand the relevance of math and science in today's technologically charged and complex world. Also, through work with scientists and experts in their field, students get a better understanding of what skills are truly needed and invested in certain careers.

Most after-school activities occur Tuesday – Thursday from 2:30 - 4:30 pm .

Fridays are reserved for special activities such as field trips, workshops, movies, or social events in accordance with each program activity and schedule.


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