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About 60%[1] of Kentucky lies in the Eastern Time Zone, with the rest in the Central Time Zone, as follows:

  • Central Time Zone contains all exception counties specified above, plus those who have any land west of -86.5° (86°30'W).

IANA time zone database[edit]

In the IANA time zone database, Kentucky is covered by four time zones, columns marked "*" contain the data from the file zone.tab:

c.c.* coordinates* TZ* comments* UTC offset UTC offset DST Note
US +404251-0740023 America/New_York Eastern Time
US +415100-0873900 America/Chicago Central Time
US +381515-0854534 America/Kentucky/Louisville Eastern Time - Kentucky - Louisville area
US +364947-0845057 America/Kentucky/Monticello Eastern Time - Kentucky - Wayne County


The Floral Clock in Frankfort and the Louisville Clock are individual working clocks in Kentucky that are attractions in their own right.


  1. ^ 79 counties, totaling 24679.526 sq mi are in ET, while 40 counties, totaling 15473.36 sq mi are in CT, based on individual Wikipedia county articles as of 2012-05-21.

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