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The two Timebus logos. The top is the main version, while the bottom is used on some of the fleet.
Timebus Travel Routemaster bus on hire for a wedding

Timebus Travel is a bus operator based north of London, United Kingdom specialising only in heritage ex-London buses for private hire.


Timebus Travel began in October 1987, solely to operate a 1952 Regent Low Height bus (fleet number RLH 23) in order to help finance its restoration costs.

In 1993 the first bus route commenced, a short lived service using one Routemaster bus in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

More successful was the operator's venture in local bus operation, again using Routemaster buses with open platforms and thereby re-introducing bus conductors, in the neighbouring town of Watford. This began in 1995 as route 73 from the Northern part of the town to the Centre. The service expanded until taken over by Watford and District Motor Services in early 1997. Unfortunately the new operator only carried on for a matter of weeks before all routes were withdrawn as unviable.

Timebus (the trading fleet name) then concentrated only on the charter market for historic buses, building up their fleet in the 2000s to include open top Routemasters and a single deck Regal Four.


Timebus does not operate any regular public transport bus services, being a mainly private hire company.

Fleet list[edit]

As at 2007-05.

RM Routemaster
  • RM 29. Built 1959
  • RM 450 (open top). Built 1960
  • RM 479 (open top). Built 1960
  • RM 1871 (painted silver as SRM 7). Built 1964
RML Routemaster Lengthened
  • RML 2263. Built 1965
  • RML 2310. Built 1965
  • RML 2389. Built 1966
  • RML 2527. Built 1966
RMA Routemaster Airways
  • RMA 37 (front entrance). Built 1966
RMC Routemaster Coach
  • RMC 1477 (entrance doors). Built 1962
RLH Regent Low Height
  • RLH 23. Built 1952
RF Regal Four
  • RF 491 (single decker). Built 1953

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