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Box set by Merzbow
Released May 1, 2003 (2003-05-01)
Recorded 2002 at Bedroom, Tokyo
Genre Noise
Length 70:33
Label Ant-Zen
Producer Masami Akita
Merzbow chronology
24 Hours – A Day of Seals
inside view

Timehunter is a box set album by Japanese noise musician Merzbow.[1] The album "originally began as an exercise working in the dynamics of 2002's Merzbeat".[2]

Timehunter features deconstructed beats which i took from 70s hard rock stuff like Omega, Golden Earring, Spontaneous Combustion, Alamo. Also I tried mixing these destructed breakbeats with heavy guitar drone.

—Masami Akita

Some tracks might be named after the bands Warhorse, Ramatam and Stone the Crows, and after the song "Space Truckin'" by Deep Purple. "CD Hunter" is a remix of "Ab Hunter", released in 1999 on Split Series 1–8, and later collected on Another Merzbow Records.

The release comes on four mini CDs, and is packaged in a day planner binder, complete with a calendar and business card. In the calendar days are marked with the time certain tracks should be played. The card includes a phone number and says "please give me a call — timehunter". The track titles are also listed in Japanese.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Masami Akita.

CD 1
No. Title Japanese title Length
1. "Warhorse"   軍馬 21:17
CD 2
No. Title Japanese title Length
1. "Space Trackin"   宇宙追跡 10:05
2. "Ramatam"   ラマタム 8:40
Total length:
CD 3
No. Title Japanese title Length
1. "Conga"   コンガ 3:26
2. "Stone the Crow"   ストーン・ザ・クロウ 9:02
Total length:
CD 4
No. Title Japanese title Length
1. "CD Hunter"   CDハンター 18:03


  • Masami Akita – performer
  • Stefan Alt – design
  • Illektrik.Toolz – mastering


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