Timeline of Chinese mythology

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Chinese mythology main timespan starts with P'an-Ku and ends with Yu the Great, spanning from 36,000 years before the creation of the Earth to circa 2.000 BC (time of Yu's rulling, when he managed to overcome the Epic Flood). Some other myths were added outside this initial timespan, such as the myths from the Baxian, or the Eight Immortals (most of them are said to be born in the Tang or Song Dynasty).


Date Ruler Events Other people/events
36,000 yrs before Creation of the Earth P'an-Ku Chinese mythology
2852 BC Fuxi
2737 BC Yan Emperor
2698 BC Yellow Emperor The Battle of Banquan, the first battle in Chinese history and the Battle of Zhuolu, the second battle in Chinese history, fought by the Yellow Emperor.
2650 BC Legend of Cangjie, inventor of the Chinese character
2597 BC Emperor Shaohao
2514 BC Emperor Zhuanxu
2436 BC Emperor Ku
2366 BC Emperor Zhi
2358 BC Emperor Yao Yao ordered Gun to tame the flooding of the rivers.
2255 BC Emperor Shun Gun failed in taming the flood and was executed on Shun's orders.
2205 BC Yu the Great conquers the flood (est.)