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Timeline of eastern | western philosophers

A wide-ranging list of philosophers from the Western traditions of philosophy. Included are not only philosophers (Socrates, Plato), but also those who have had a marked importance upon the philosophy of the day.

The list stops at the year 1950, after which philosophers fall into the category of Contemporary philosophy.

Western and Middle Eastern philosophers[edit]

Classical philosophers[edit]

600-500 BCE[edit]

500-400 BCE[edit]

400-300 BCE[edit]

Hellenistic Philosophers[edit]

300-200 BCE[edit]

200-100 BCE[edit]

  • Carneades (c. 214 – 129 BCE). Academic skeptic. Understood probability as the purveyor of truth.

100-0 BCE[edit]

Roman Era Philosophers[edit]

0-100 CE[edit]

100-200 CE[edit]

200-400 CE[edit]

Medieval Philosophers[edit]

500-800 CE[edit]

800-900 CE[edit]

900-1000 CE[edit]

1000-1100 CE[edit]

1100-1200 CE[edit]

1200-1300 CE[edit]

1300-1400 CE[edit]

1400-1500 CE[edit]

Early Modern Philosophers[edit]

1500-1550 CE[edit]

1550-1600 CE[edit]

1600-1650 CE[edit]

1650-1700 CE[edit]

1700-1750 CE[edit]

1750-1800 CE[edit]

Modern Philosophers[edit]

1800-1850 CE[edit]

1850-1900 CE[edit]

1900-2000 CE[edit]

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