Timeline of the introduction of radio in countries

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This is a list of when the first publicly announced radio broadcasts occurred in the mentioned countries. Non-public field tests and closed circuit demonstrations are not included.

Year Countries
1913  United States
1920  Argentina,  Canada
1922  Brazil,  Chile,  France,  United Kingdom ( England),  United States (Hawaii, Puerto Rico,  Philippine Islands)
1923  Australia,  Austria, Weimar Republic Germany,  Norway,  United Kingdom ( Scotland,  Wales)
1924 Kingdom of Italy Italy,  United Kingdom (Northern Ireland),  United States (Alaska)
1925  Hungary, Empire of Japan Japan,  Netherlands,  Poland,  Sweden
1926  Czechoslovakia, Lithuania  Irish Free State
1927  Denmark, Empire of Japan Korea,  Thailand,  Turkey
1928  Hong Kong,  Romania, Empire of Japan Taiwan
1929  Soviet Union, Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
1933  Luxembourg,
1935  Straits Settlements (Singapore)
1938  Albania
1940 Taiwan China
1945  Indonesia,  North Vietnam
1946  British Burma, Flag of the Federated Malay States (1895 - 1946).svg Malayan Union
1954  Cambodia
1955  South Vietnam
1960  Laos
1973  Bhutan