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Active warfare throughout history has mainly been a matter for men, but women have also played a role, often a leading one. While women rulers conducting warfare was common, women who participated in active warfare was rare. The following list of prominent women in war and their exploits from about 1500 AD up to about 1700 AD suggests the wider involvement of numerous unnamed women, some of them thrust into positions of leadership by virtue of birth or family connection, others from humble origin by virtue of martial skill, force of personality and circumstance.

Only women active in direct warfare, such as warriors, spies, and women who actively led armies are included in this list.

Please see Timeline of women in war in the United States, Pre-1945 for entries pertaining specifically to the history of the United States.

Timeline of women in warfare from 1500-1699 worldwide[edit]

16th century[edit]

17th century[edit]

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