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Timing is the time when something happens or the spacing of events in time. "Timing" also means the tracking of time when a event is happening in time.

Timing may also refer to:

  • Timing (comedy), use of rhythm, tempo and pausing to enhance comedy and humour
  • Timing (linguistics), rhythmic division of time into equal portions by a language
  • Timing (music), ability to "keep time" accurately and to synchronise to an ensemble
  • Color timing, photochemical process of altering and enhancing the color of an image
  • Ignition timing, timing of piston and crankshaft so that a spark will occur near the end of the compression stroke
  • Market timing, by attempting to predict future market price movements
  • Memory timings, (or RAM timings) measure the performance of DRAM memory
  • Timekeeping, the process of measuring the passage of time
  • Synchronization, timing a process relative to another process
  • Swing timing, timing contact with a ball in various sports such as baseball, cricket, tennis or golf