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Timmy is a shortened form of the name Timothy.

Timmy may refer to:

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Timmy Burch, a wheelchair-using character with a cognitive disability on the TV series South Park
  • Timmy Martin, boy who owns the dog Lassie in the long-running TV series Lassie
  • Timmy Turner, a fictional character from animated television series The Fairly OddParents
  • Timmy (The Residents), a fictional character by avant-garde music and visual arts group The Residents
  • Timmy, fictional character from the animated TV series Winx Club
  • Timmy Tibble, one of the Tibble Twins from the TV series Arthur
  • Timmy, lamb from Timmy Time on the BBC children's channel CBeebies
  • Timmy, large green monster from The Muppet Show


  • Tim Hortons, a Canadian/ American fast-food restaurant chain sometimes nicknamed "Timmy's"

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