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Timnath-heres is located in the West Bank
Shown within the West Bank
Location West Bank
Coordinates 32°07′10″N 35°09′26″E / 32.119519°N 35.157183°E / 32.119519; 35.157183

Timnath-heres or Timnath-serah (Hebrew: תמנת חרס‎) was the town given to Joshua in the Bible. He requested it and the people gave it to him "at the order of the Lord". He built up the town and lived in it. (Joshua 19:49-50) On his death, he was buried there. (Joshua 24:30) Jewish tradition also places the tomb of Caleb there.


It was in the mountainous region of Ephraim, north of Mount Gaash. Some identify the place with Kifl Hares about 30 km southwest of Shechem, located northwest of Ariel.


Mark of grave attributed to Caleb

In Joshua 19:49-50 and Joshua 24:30, the town is called Timnath-serah, whereas in Judges 2:9 it is mentioned as Timnath-heres.

The name Timnath-serah signifies in Hebrew an "extra portion" or "portion of abundance". Similarly, the name Timnath-heres means "portion of the sun".[1]. In the book of Joshua Chapter 24, verse 30; it is written in thirteen different published editions of the Old Testament as Timnath-Heres or some variation of it where the second word begins with an 'h', or 'H' and ends in 's', either with or without the intermediate dash. The inversion of "serah" to make "heres", as sometimes means sun, as in Job 9:7; some Jews observe, the name signifies the figure of the sun, the Jews say was put on his monument, in commemoration of the miracle of the sun standing still for him. [2]