Timothy Goes to School

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Timothy Goes to School
Genre Cartoon series
Created by Rosemary Wells
Directed by Gary Hurst
Campbell Morton
Voices of Austin Di Iulio
Lisa Yamanaka
Alyson Court
Max Morrow
Mag Ruffman
Darren Frost
Rob Stefaniuk
Tracy Ryan
Laurie Elliott
Joanne Vannicola
Linda Kash
Fiona Reid
Jamie Watson
Theme music composer Stan Meissner
Opening theme It's a Brand New Day
Ending theme It's a Brand New Day (instrumental)
Composer(s) Unknown
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Stephen Ching
Michael Hirsh
Patrick Loubert
Diana Manson
Tina Peel
Clive A. Smith
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Silver Lining Entertainment
Animation Services Hong Kong Limited
Original channel PBS Kids
Original run September 30, 2000 – December 28, 2001

Timothy Goes to School is a cartoon series based on the Yoko series and other individual books by Rosemary Wells such as "Shy Charles", "Fritz and the Mess Fairy" and "Noisy Nora", but is titled after the book of the same name.

It features a young raccoon, Timothy, who attends a fictional primary school. The series aired on PBS Kids as part of the PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch (the sixth and last show after Corduroy, Elliot Moose, George Shrinks, Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, and Seven Little Monsters. Timothy Goes to School was the fourth and last show after George Shrinks, Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, and Seven Little Monsters when Corduroy and Elliot Moose were cancelled) from 2000 until 2004. Reruns were later broadcast on Discovery Kids in the US until 2006. This show airs on YTV, Treehouse TV, and TVO Kids in Canada, and also Tiny Pop, a digital TV channel in the UK. In Brazil was aired on TV Cultura (2003–2007). In Mexico and Latin America, was broadcast on ZAZ (In Latin America, episode #22 wasn't aired, but it did air in Brazil). The series premiered on September 30, 2000 and aired its last episode on December 28, 2001.


Below are the characters split up into three groups, children, adults, and others.


  • Timothy[1] (voiced by Austin Dilulio) - A raccoon. Although he is the main character of the show, not all episodes are centered on him. He is a well-meaning young boy and the most warm hearted child in the school, generally trying to be a friend to everyone. He is a little impulsive however, as seen in "Red Thunder," when he unsuccessfully tries to copy Doris's brothers on a bicycle ramp. He wears a blue and white striped shirt.
  • Yoko (voiced by Lisa Yamanaka) - A cat from Japan. She is a typical sweet young girl, good at the violin and seeing the best in people. Yoko enjoys many Japanese things such as sushi and origami which has occasionally caused problems for her and her classmates. She is Timothy's best friend, and they are often seen together. She wears a yellow dress with a red shirt over it.
  • Nora (voiced by Alyson Court) - A dark gray mouse who is sometimes bossy and sulky. She is known for making a lot of noise which has earned her the nickname Noisy Nora. She owns an iguana called Norman who lives in the school. She has an eight-year old sister named Kate who hasn't appeared in the show other than as a picture Nora drew of her, and an extremely messy baby brother named Jack who occasionally appears. She wears a purple dress.
  • Charles (voiced by Max Morrow) - A gray mouse who is shy and likes to play by himself at recess but is often found around Timothy, Lilly or Yoko, being the quieter members of the class. He engages in very creative and imaginative play, as he built a make-believe rocket ship to the stars. As he is the smallest member of the class, he tends to not be good at sports, but he isn't bothered by this. He wears a red shirt and blue overalls.
  • Lilly (voiced by Mag Ruffman) - A fox who is forgetful, and to remedy this she often ties a string around a finger. Lilly has a pet fish named Treasure. She is generally extremely absent-minded, but remembers the most vital things. Her forgetfulness can often be a source of annoyance to the other characters, but they quickly forgive her. She wears a sea green dress with an orange shirt over it and a pair of red tennis shoes.
  • Frank #1 & Frank #2 (voiced by Darren Frost and Rob Stefaniuk) are French bulldog twin brothers who love sports and often speak in unison. The brothers speak in stilted, dull voices which suggest they are not too bright. They are known for play fighting, telling jokes, trying to do things simultaneously and their signature jolly laughter. They can't stand being separated and can sometimes be a bit reckless. Their favorite food is franks and beans. Frank #1 is black and wears a blue jersey, Frank #2 is orange and wears a green jersey.
  • Doris (voiced by Tracy Ryan) - A beaver who is a boisterous tomboy. She is a talented soccer player who seems to have Entomophobia or a fear of insects. Doris has three older brothers: Horace, Morris and Boris. Doris is clearly the tallest student in her class, though at home, she is teased by her brothers as she is much smaller than they are. Doris appears to be the most avant-garde artist in class, as she believes her painted art doesn't need to look like anything, as long as it makes her happy. Most of the other characters are impressed by her size and strength. She wears a pink dress with a darker pink bow in her hair.
  • Fritz (voiced by Laurie Elliott) - A badger who is very fond of science. He leaves for another school in "Fritz On the Move" and returns soon after in "Many Happy Returns". Fritz is also the most clever in the class, and occasionally knows more than the teacher about a particular subject. Fritz reacts poorly to failure in experiments. He also has a tendency towards messiness. He originally wore a yellow shirt with a green necktie, but, upon returning in "Many Happy Returns", he wears a green multipocketed vest over a yellow undershirt.
  • Claude (voiced by Joanne Vannicola) - A raccoon who tries to be the best in the school though he comes off arrogant in some cases. Because of this, there is some rivalry between him and Timothy. However, they appear to become good friends after Timothy secretly teaches Claude to swim, in which Claude credits Timothy. He wears a dark green polo shirt and is most often seen with Grace.
  • Grace (voiced by Linda Kash) - An upper-class cat who likes things her way. Her interests include dance, especially ballet, and figure skating. She has a quick temper and gets quickly annoyed when mistakes are made and (to her mind) silly questions asked from others in the class. She is seen playing with Claude most of the time. She wears a blue dress.
  • Juanita (voiced by Susan Laney Dalton) - A cat originally from Mexico. Upon joining the school, she is very nervous, anxious and feels insecure without her mother, but eventually she overcomes her nerves. A new pupil to the school, she sees the best in people like Yoko. She only appears in the final episode of the show.


  • Mrs. Jenkins (voiced by Fiona Reid) - A fox and the teacher of the class. Her name was Miss Abercrombie before she was married to Mr. Jenkins as mentioned in the episode "Just In Time". She can play the piano and she enjoys watching birds. She wears a green coat, a purple dress, and glasses.
  • Big Frank - The father of the Frank twins. He is a French bulldog and speaks in a gentle voice and sounds much more clever than his sons. He is seen as good with machinery and repairs, as he is able to easily fix Timothy's bicycle and also help Frank and Frank fix Yoko's taketombo after the Franks accidentally break it. He wears a blue business shirt.
  • Henry (voiced by Jamie Watson) - The janitor and bus driver. He is a beaver and is quite cheerful. He wears a blue uniform and was once Mrs. Jenkins' student back when she was Ms. Abercrombie. Despite his appearance, he isn't that old, being only thirty years old.
  • Miss Appleberry - The student teacher at Hilltop School. She is a skunk and usually wears a blue dress. When Mrs. Jenkins sprained her arm in "Get Well Soon", Miss Appleberry was the substitute teacher.
  • Mrs. Lightfoot - The librarian who gives the children their first library cards. She only appears in "Read Me A Story".
  • Mailman - A skunk who delivers the mail in the neighborhood.


There are several notable adults and relatives, though many only appear in a couple of episodes (Yoko's mother, Doris's brothers, Nora's baby brother Jack, and the parents of the other children). Fritz, Yoko and Lilly don't appear to have fathers while the Franks and Claude don't appear to have a mother, however, this situations are never explained on the series.


# Title Air Date
1 "Timothy Goes to School (Pilot) / Yoko" September 30, 2000
  • "Timothy Goes to School" - Timothy is concerned about what to wear on his first day of school since Claude always has something nicer.
  • "Yoko" - Yoko feels like an outcast because everybody makes fun of what she has for lunch.
2 "On the Fritz / The Great Obstacle Course" October 6, 2000
  • "On the Fritz" - Fritz blames all his mess on "The Mess Fairy".
  • "The Great Obstacle Course" - The children at Hilltop School run a Sports Day, but Claude and Grace always win.
3 "Small Change / Shy Charles" October 7, 2000
  • "Small Change" - Nora is reluctant to change and she feels very moody, until she finds out that change is a good thing.
  • "Shy Charles" - Charles is very shy, but he has to make a decision when Timothy gets locked in the janitorial closet.
4 "Don't Lose It, Lilly / Frankless Frank" October 13, 2000
  • "Don't Lose It, Lilly" - The children respectfully show Lilly how she can remember everything.
  • "Frankless Frank" - Frank #2 feels left out, because Frank #1 has a fever.
5 "Paint by Numbers / The Sleepover" October 14, 2000
  • "Paint by Numbers" - Doris likes to paint abstract art but the only person she knows who appreciates it is Charles.
  • "The Sleepover" - After hearing that the mischievous Frank twins come over for a sleepover, Timothy hides his favorite stuffed toy penguin as he thinks the Franks will make fun of him.
6 "The Music Tree / Team Project" October 20, 2000
  • "The Music Tree" - Yoko is chosen to be the lead cast of the Hilltop School Orchestra and gets stage fright.
  • "Team Project" - Timothy chose Claude for a team project to win a silver star, but Claude won't let him do any of the work.
7 "Cherry Blossom / Talent Show" October 21, 2000
  • "Cherry Blossom" - Yoko grows a Japanese Sakura plant. She is very impatient and learns that trees take a long time to grow.
  • "Talent Show" - Grace breaks her ankle and is unable to perform ballet at the school talent show, so she volunteers to be the director.
8 "Scary Monsters / Lifesaver Lilly" October 27, 2000
  • "Scary Monsters" - Nora has a strong fear of dinosaurs preventing her from going on the school trip. The children help her fear by showing her that not all dinosaurs are scary.
  • "Lifesaver Lilly" - Lilly isn't chosen to look after the class goldfish. On a day with heavy snowstorm, Lilly goes to school and quickly grabs the fish and looks after it at home.
9 "Red Thunder / Putting it All Together" October 28, 2000
  • "Red Thunder" - Timothy gets a new bike for his birthday. After riding a bike safety day at school, he copies Doris' brothers with their BMX bike tricks at the Franks' house.
  • "Putting it All Together" - The children have to put together a jigsaw puzzle for a picnic in an hour.
10 "The Big Snowfall / Forever Friends" November 3, 2000
  • "The Big Snowfall" - Doris unsuccessfully tries to show responsibility while looking after Lilly on her first snowfall.
  • "Forever Friends" - Timothy's friendship with Yoko strains as Yoko has to practice ballet with Grace.
11 "Taking the Plunge / Timothy's Way" November 4, 2000
  • "Taking the Plunge" - Claude can't swim, so Timothy secretly teaches him how to.
  • "Timothy's Way" - Timothy can't think of anything to teach the children at school, until he discovers he is an expert at playing marbles.
12 "The Treefort and the Sandcastle / Get Well Soon" November 10, 2000
  • "The Treefort and the Sandcastle" - The children at school split themselves into clubs by gender.
  • "Get Well Soon" - Mrs Jenkins has an injury, so Miss Appleberry acts as substitute. Everyone makes a get well soon card, but Fritz makes a present after hearing that the bird feeder had been damaged.
13 "In the Spotlight / Fritz on the Move" November 11, 2000
  • "In the Spotlight" - Charles enjoys leaves but is too shy to talk publicly.
  • "Fritz on the Move" - Fritz moves to another country so he can't go to Hilltop School anymore. Timothy feels upset, so the children show him many ways to make him feel better.
14 "Many Happy Returns / You're Invited" September 30, 2001
  • "Many Happy Returns" - Timothy finds out that Fritz has a surprise for him. Timothy discovers that his surprise is not a delivery, but that Fritz moves back to Timothy's hometown and attends Hilltop again.
  • "You're Invited" - Everybody gets an invitation to Lilly's spring party except Doris. She tries to be a friendly girl but soon sees that her brothers left the invite outside.
15 "The Greatest / Rocky Friendship" October 7, 2001
  • "The Greatest" - Because he found Nora's pet lizard, Timothy is forced to help all the children.
  • "Rocky Friendship" - Charles and Fritz argue over a rare red rock. Timothy has to decide who owns it.
16 "Two for Tea / Abracadabra" October 14, 2001
  • "Two for Tea" - Yoko's mother comes to school to demonstrate Sado, a Japanese tea ceremony.
  • "Abracadabra" - Grace peeks in Fritz's magic trick book then steals his talent. Fritz thinks Timothy told her and blames him.
17 "The Taketombo / Having a Wonderful Time" October 21, 2001
  • "The Taketombo"- Yoko receives a Japanese toy called a Taketombo, which is accidentally broken by the Frank brothers and then repaired by them with the help of Big Frank.
  • "Having a Wonderful Time" - The schoolchildren visit Hilltop Park and Grace comes ultra-prepared, but Lilly worries that she isn't having fun.
18 "The Shutterbug / The Friendship Stone" October 28, 2001
  • "The Shutterbug" - Timothy brings a camera to school, but when he takes pictures, he thinks that none of the photographs are precise enough to be put in an album.
  • "The Friendship Stone" - Nora and Lilly exchange a lucky penny for a painted stone as they are true friends. Lilly loses the stone she receives and is worried that their friendship would be over.
19 "New Found Franks / When I Grow Up" November 25, 2001
  • "New Found Franks" - The Franks learn to play with the other children.
  • "When I Grow Up" - Yoko helps Nora choose what job she wants to have when she grows up.
20 "The School Play / Full of Beans" December 2, 2001
  • "The School Play" - Yoko is chosen to be a decayed tooth in a school play about dental care, but she is not very satisfied with her part.
  • "Full of Beans" - The Franks go too far on their jokes making all of the children, eventually including each other, angry and wound-up.
21 "Read Me a Story / The Gift" December 9, 2001
  • "Read Me a Story" - Because of learning how to read, Nora has fear that her beloved story-time with her mother could come to an end, but does it?
  • "The Gift" - Nora wants to get a special gift for Yoko's birthday party, so she eats her least favorite cereal because it has an emerald ballet slipper as a prize. Nora finds out that it make a pretty shoe for Yoko's porcelain doll and a necklace for Yoko as well.
22 "Measuring Up / Lost and Found" December 16, 2001
  • "Measuring Up" - Charles finds out that he is smallest in the class, but he finds out that Doris, biggest in the class, is the baby of the family.
  • "Lost and Found" - When Yoko's mom shows her a special set of netsuke figures made by Yoko's grandmother, Yoko asks to take them to school for "In the Spotlight." When the figures go missing, it transpires that one of the students may have stolen them, and Yoko is very upset.
23 "Professor Fritz / Two Tutu Friends" December 22, 2001
  • "Professor Fritz"- Fritz develops a rocket experiment for an open house, but after the experiment goes wrong Fritz gives up. Timothy helps Fritz through his problems and increases his self confidence.
  • "Two Tutu Friends"- Grace invites Doris to ballet class. One day, Doris laughs at an embarrassing moment that happened to Grace. When Doris tells the other children, Grace doesn't want to play with Doris any more.
24 "My Family / Just in Time" December 23, 2001
  • "My Family" - Nora hates her baby brother Jack, but realizes what fun an infant sibling can be.
  • "Just in Time" - Lilly impulsively puts her favorite doll in the time capsule, but soon begins to regret it.
25 "Charles the Athlete / Be My Valentine" December 27, 2001
  • "Charles the Athlete" - Frank and Frank want to teach Charles how to be an athlete, but Charles shows no interest and wants to play astronauts instead.
  • "Be My Valentine" - Lilly, Yoko, Charles and Timothy make Valentine's Day cards for each other, but they don't go to who they're supposed to.
26 "Mama Don't Go / Making New Friends" December 28, 2001
  • "Mama Don't Go" - Juanita is new to Hilltop School. Timothy and Yoko help her manage without her needing her mother with her.
  • "Making New Friends" - Juanita struggles to make friends, so Timothy, captain of the Friend Ship, show her what fun she could discover.


Timothy Goes to School was broadcast in the United States on the channels PBS Kids, Discovery Kids, and Qubo. In Canada, the series aired on stations YTV, Treehouse TV, and TVO Kids.



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