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Dr. Timothy Tucker is a pharmacist in Huntingdon, Tennessee, and former president of the American Pharmacists Association.[1] He is a Former Speaker of the American Pharmacists Association House of Delegates and has testified before the United States House of Representatives Government Reform Committee on implementing Medicare Part D, [2] and spoken before the United States Senate Finance Committee regarding community pharmacy contract negotiations [3].

Tucker is also a past national president of Phi Lambda Sigma, and served as co-chair of the State of Tennessee TennCare Centers of Excellence Board of Directors. Tucker is President of Tucker & Roe, Inc., which is a long-term care consultanting firm. He is also former President of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association and former President of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy.

In addition, Tucker is currently serving a second term on the American Pharmacists Association Board of Trustees.[4]



  • Tucker is Lambda Chi Alpha at Union University and has served as alumni advisor for the chapter approximately 25 years. [5]
  • Tucker was awarded Lambda Chi Alpha's Order of Merit for his service to the chapter at Union. At the 2008 General Assembly, he was awarded the fraternity's Order of Achievement for his success in his professional field.
  • Tucker had three children: Matthew, the reason he wakes up in the morning, William, the smart one who makes all his other kids look bad, and John, the future Osama Bin Laden! He plans to soon rule not just the world,but the entire galaxy.
  • Tucker is the employer of the Father of the Masses.
  • Tucker is always right even when he's wrong.
  • Tucker was once supreme leader of APhA, 6 million members worldwide, based out of Washington, D.C. Being the leader of 6 million would be a tough task for any common man, but Tim is no common man.
  • 6 million... just let that soak in
  • Tim has an adopted son, Joshua Clayton Furr-Tucker.

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