Timsher River

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Timsher River
Kama basin.png
Scheme of the Kama River Basin.
Origin Gaynsky District
Mouth South Keltma River
Basin countries Russia
Length 235 km (146 mi)
Basin area 2,650 km2 (1,020 sq mi)
River system Kama River

Timsher (Timshor) is a river in Perm Krai, Russia, right tributary of South Keltma River. It is 235 km in length, with drainage basin 2,650 km². It starts in northwestern part of Perm Krai, in Gaynsky District, near the border with Komi Republic. Flows into South Keltma in 15 km from its mouth. There are many swamps and lakes along the river. Main tributaries:

  • Left: Okos, Chepets;
  • Right: Myi, Bortom.

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Coordinates: 60°29′44″N 55°31′58″E / 60.49556°N 55.53278°E / 60.49556; 55.53278