Timur Mutsurayev

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Timur Mutsurayev
Native name Муцурай ХӀамзат-кӀант Темур (Chechen)
Тимур Хамзатович Муцураев (Russian)
Birth name Timur Mutsurayev
Born (1976-07-25) July 25, 1976 (age 38)
Origin Grozny, Chechen-Ingush ASSR, Soviet Union
Genres Music of Chechnya, Bard (Soviet Union), Nasheed
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Voice, Guitar

Timur Mutsurayev (Chechen: Муцурай ХӀамзат-кӀант Темур; Russian: Тимур Хамзатович Муцураев; born July 25, 1976), or Mucuraev, is a Chechen singer and bard.[1][2][3]


Mutsurayev was born in Grozny. Mutsurayev's first recorded song, Jerusalem gained airplay during the 1999–2000 Battle of Grozny. It was reported during the war that Russian paratroopers mocked the song with cries of, "Guitars won't take Jerusalem!" Some Chechens felt that it was politically inappropriate to sing about Jerusalem during a war inside Chechnya, but in response Mutsurayev indicated he was an Islamist who identified with the worldwide jihad movement, and was not solely a Chechen nationalist. Despite his religious worldview, he sings in Russian.

Many of Mutsurayev's songs are stridently supportive of Chechen independence, and he personally believed that peace negotiations would eventually end the Second Chechen War. Distribution of his songs are currently banned by the Russian government as "extremist".[4]

In 2008 various sources reported about his return to Chechnya.[2][5]


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