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Tina may refer to:


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Tina Lombardi, a character played by Marion Cotillard in the 2004 film A Very Long Engagement
  • Tina Branford, a fictional character from the Final Fantasy series; main character of Final Fantasy VI (6)
  • Tina Hopkins, a fictional character from the British soap opera, EastEnders
  • Tina Lord, a character from the American soap One Life to Live
  • Tina McIntyre, a fictional character from the popular British soap opera, Coronation Street
  • Tina Reilly, a fictional character from the British soap opera, Hollyoaks
  • Tina Carter, a fictional character from the British soap opera, EastEnders
  • Tina Cohen-Chang, a character from Glee
  • Tina Teaspoon, part of the Spoon family from UK children’s TV series Button Moon
  • Tina Belcher, a character from FOX's animated sitcom, Bob’s Burgers
  • Tina Cassidy, codenamed “Mainframe” in the animated series C.O.P.S.
  • Tina Carlyle, a character in the movie The Mask
  • Christina "Tina" Gray, a character in A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984)
  • Tina Kennard, a character on The L Word
  • Tina, played by Jessica Zucha on Barney and Friends
  • Tina Rex, a character from The Amazing World of Gumball


  • Tina, Iran, a village in Khuzestan Province, Iran
  • Tina, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
  • Al-Tina, a Palestinian Arab village depopulated in 1948
  • Tina, a village in Livezi Commune, Vâlcea County, Romania
  • Tina, Missouri, a village in Carroll County, Missouri, United States



  • TINA (program), a SPICE based electronics design and training software



  • Tina!, album by Tina Turner 2008
  • Tina (album), album by British-Ghanaian singer-rapper Fuse ODG