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Tina Srebotnjak is a Canadian television journalist.

She was born in Slovenia and moved to Canada with her parents as a child, growing up in Mississauga, Ontario. She was educated at the University of Toronto, studying English and French, and at Carleton University, studying journalism.

Career in radio[edit]

She joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a researcher in 1976, and covered the 1980 Quebec referendum for the network. She subsequently returned to Toronto to work as a studio director for Morningside.[1] Tina is married to CBC journalist Brian Stewart and they have a daughter named Katie.

Career in television[edit]

Srebotnjak left CBC Radio and moved over to CBC Television. She joined Midday, becoming a host of the latter program in 1992.

When Midday ended its run in 2000,[2] Srebotnjak moved to TVOntario, where she has hosted cultural programming including the (now-defunct) book series Imprint.[3][4]

Her short story "Becoming Canadian" was published in the book "The First Man in my Life: Daughters write about their Fathers" by Sandra Martin.[5]

She now works in the Communications & Marketing department of the Toronto Public Library.


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