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Type Cooperative
Industry Dairy
Founded 1928
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Area served Norway
Key people Hanne Refsholt (CEO)
Products Jarlsberg cheese
Revenue Increase NOK 20,4 billion (2013)
Net income 948 mill.
Employees 5,600 (2013)
Website www.Tine.no

TINE SA is the largest Norwegian dairy product cooperative consisting of around 15,000 farmers and 5,600 employees. As of 2013, it has a revenue of 20.4 billion Norwegian kroner (NOK).($3.41bn, £2.04bn, €2.50bn) The parent company, TINE SA, is a cooperative society owned by its suppliers, the milk producers who deliver milk to the company. The corporation domestically offers the entire spectrum of dairy products. Tine's internationally known products are Jarlsberg cheese, Snøfrisk goat cheese, Ridder cheese, and Ski-Queen (geitost). Tine is one of the twelve agricultural cooperatives in Norway.


Dairy cooperatives in Norway go back to 1856, with the first nation-wide dairy co-op Den Norske Meieriforening (the Norwegian Dairy Association) being founded in 1881.[1] The company dates back to 1928 when "Norske Meieriers Eksportlag" (Norwegian Dairies' Export Company) was started. It changed its name to "Norske Meieriers Salgssentral" (Norwegian Dairies' Sales) in 1942 and to "Norske Meierier" (Norwegian Dairies) in 1984. The Tine name has been used as an easily identifiable brand name since 1992 for the company's dairy products. In 2008, Tine was ranked the world's #1 cooperative by size by the International Cooperative Alliance.[2]


Subsidiaries which are partly or fully owned by Tine:[3]


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