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Mo Tai Temple in Ting Kok Village.

Ting Kok (汀角) is the name of an area and a village in the northeastern part of Hong Kong. Administratively, it is part of Tai Po District. It is located on the northern shore of Plover Cove[1] and west of Tai Mei Tuk.


Ting Kok Village, originally called Ting Kai (汀溪), was historically a multi-surname Punti village founded before 1688.[2]

Built heritage[edit]

Built heritage in Ting Kok include:

  • Mo Tai Temple (武帝宮). Built before 1785. A Grade III historic building since 2010.[3]
  • Lee Ancestral Hall (李氏家祠). Built in the late 19th century. Not graded.[3] The are more than 10 ancestral halls in the village. Most of them have been modernized.[1]

Flora and fauna[edit]

A mangrove covers a coastal area of about seven hectares near Ting Kok Village. It is one of the few sites in Hong Kong where a large population of Lumnitzera racemosa can be found.[4]


A part of Ting Kok is within the Pat Sin Leng Country Park, and the Ting Kok wetlands have been declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1985.[5][6]


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