Tiny Computers

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Tiny Computers
Former type Private
Fate Administration
Founded 1969
Defunct 2002 (brand used until 2005)
Number of locations 150+ (UK)
Parent OT Computers (1990-2002)
Granville Technology Group (2002-2005)
Website www.tiny.com (now defunct)

Tiny Computers Ltd. was a British computer company based in Redhill Business Park in Salfords, Redhill in Surrey, England.

The company used the advertising slogan 'Think big about your PC - think Tiny'. During the late 1990s they were a highly successful firm having units throughout the major retail stores of the UK as well as launching in the USA and the Far East, but their profits eventually began to fall and in 2002 they went into administration and were subsequently purchased by rival TIME.

At the end of 2001, the company released a Takami system, the world's first home entertainment PC which came in the shape of a DVD player and ran Windows Media Centre. The device received a lot of criticism due to its noisy fan and long boot-up time.