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Tiny Island Productions
Type Partnership
Industry Animated films and
Founded 2002 (2002)
Founders David Kwok
Headquarters Singapore
Key people David Kwok, CEO
Sharon Tan, Business Development Director
Products Theatrical animated feature films
Television animated series
Employees 120 (2012)
Website www.tinyisland.net

Tiny Island Productions (a.k.aTiny Island Productions Pte Ltd) is a CG animation production company based in Singapore. It specializes in both normal CG and stereoscopic 3D productions. It was the animation studio for the Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens CG movie which won the Best 3D Animated Program category at the Asian Television Awards 2012[2][3] as well as the award-winning Dream Defenders television series.


Tiny Island Productions was founded in 2002 by David Kwok, an animation veteran of 14 years, and has a company strength of 120 staff.[4]

In 2009, it worked on co-development and production on the Shelldon animated TV series.[5] In 2012, the studio produced Cartoon Network's Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens for both regular and 3D screens.[6][7] The movie would be the first time the Ben 10 universe would be interpreted in full CG.[8][9] The film was nominated for the Best 3D Animated Program award at the Asian Television Awards 2012, which it won.[2][3]

The production house also created Singapore's first 3D Stereoscopic animated series Dream Defenders Adventures,[4] which debuted on 3net in 2011, and was the 3D channel's first stereoscopic-3D cg animated Series[10][11]


Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens won the Best 3D Animated Program category at the Asian Television Awards 2012[2][3] as well as the Gold Award for Best Movie Campaign in the 2012 ProMax Awards.[12] The award demonstrated the high level of animation talent on show in Asia and the talent available here, commented Sunny Saha from Turner International.[13]

Dream Defenders won the Best 3D Animation category at the Asia Image Apollo Awards 2013[14] as well as 2nd place for the Best Animation category at the 14th TBS Digicon 6 awards.[citation needed]

Upcoming productions[edit]

It is currently working with Shellhut Entertainment, the owners of Shelldon, to produce the stereoscopic 3D animated film which will be based on the TV series.[15]

In 2013, the company began production on G-Fighters, a new CGI action-adventure superhero television series. This is a co-production between South Korean animation production house Electric Circus and Tiny Island Productions, and is the first international co-production between Korea and Singapore animation companies. The animated TV series is supported by SBA, Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), Educational Broadcasting System (EBS), SK Broadband and CJ E&M Pictures.[16]



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