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Municipality and town
Tipacoque boy.jpg
Flag of Tipacoque
Official seal of Tipacoque
Location of the municipality and town of Tipacoque in the Boyacá Department of Colombia.
Location of the municipality and town of Tipacoque in the Boyacá Department of Colombia.
Country  Colombia
Department Boyacá Department
Province Northern Boyacá Province
Time zone Colombia Standard Time (UTC-5)

Tipacoque is a municipality and town in Boyacá Department, Colombia, located on the eastern mountain range on the western flank of the Chicamocha river canyon. It is also part of the sub-region of the Northern Boyacá Province.

Geography and climate[edit]

The total area of the municipality is 72 km². To the north it borders Covarachía and Capitanejo and to the south it borders Soatá. The Chicamocha river separates it from Capitanejo and Boavita in the east. Finally, a branch of the Eastern mountain range separates it from Onzaga (in Santander) in the west. This range varies from 1,200 meters at the base of the Chicamocha Canyon to over 3,000 meters at "Cruz de Roble".

The municipality is located at an altitude of 2,405 meters (7,890 feet) above sea level. Its average temperature is 18 °C (64.4 °F). The warmest months are December and January, when the temperature exceeds 25 °C. The climate is predominantly dry.

The vegetation is varied. The fauna is composed mainly by mammal species like rabbits, armadillos and tinajos, which live in the higher altitudes. In the lowlands, reptiles predominate. The most common birds are garrapateros, hummingbirds, toches, turpiales, gurrias, doves, perdices, pregoneros and cuchicas, native species that can be found in the creeks which feed the Chicamocha river.

Tripacoque is located 174 km away from Tunja, the capital of Boyacá. The main highway which connects Tipacoque with Bogotá and the East of Colombia is 174 km long, of which 150 km are paved (87%).

In Culture[edit]

The novel 'Tipacoque: Estampas de provincia' by Eduardo Caballero Calderón describes the Colombian society in this region of Boyacá (1971).


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Coordinates: 6°25′N 72°42′W / 6.417°N 72.700°W / 6.417; -72.700