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(Roman Tipasa)
Tipaza is located in Algeria
Location in Algeria
Coordinates: 36°35′31″N 2°26′58″E / 36.59194°N 2.44944°E / 36.59194; 2.44944Coordinates: 36°35′31″N 2°26′58″E / 36.59194°N 2.44944°E / 36.59194; 2.44944
Country Algeria
Province Tipaza
District Tipaza
Population (2008)
 • Total 25,225
Official name: Tipasa
Type: Cultural
Criteria: iii, iv
Designated: 1982 (6th session)
Reference No. 193
State Party:  Algeria
Region: Arab States
Endangered: 2002–2006

Tipaza (formerly Tefessedt, Chenoua: Tipaza in Tifinagh.svg Bazar, Arabic: تيپازة‎) is a Berber-speaking town on the coast of Algeria, capital of the Tipaza Province. When it was part of the Roman Empire, it was called Tipasa. The modern town, founded in 1857, is remarkable chiefly for its sandy beach, and ancient ruins.


Ancient history[edit]

Actual ruins of Roman Tipasa

Tipasa, as it was then called, was an ancient Punic trading-post conquered by Ancient Rome and turned into a military colony by the emperor Claudius for the conquest of the kingdoms of Mauretania.[1]

Afterwards it became a municipium called Colonia Aelia Tipasensis, that reached the population of 20,000 inhabitants in the fourth century according to historian Gsell.

The city was an important Christian center during the last centuries of Roman domination, with 3 basilicas.

Tipasa was destroyed by the Vandals in 430 AD, but was rebuilt by the Byzantines one century later. At the end of the seventh century the city was destroyed by the Arabs and reduced to ruins.[2]

In the nineteenth century the place was settled again. Now it is a town of nearly 30,000 inhabitants. The city is an important tourist place in modern Algeria, mainly because of the Tipasa ruins.

Modern era[edit]

Near Tipaza at 36°33'58"N 2°28'50"E, there is Tipaza longwave transmitter, a facility for broadcasting a French speaking program on the longwave frequency 252 kHz, which can be well received in many parts of Europe.

The town and its surroundings is home to the largest Berber-speaking group of western Algeria, the Chenoua people.

This station of Tipaza in 252 kHz is out of service since March 17, 2014.


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