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Tir, tir or TIR may mean:

  • The French term for Schützenfest, a target-shooting competition
  • Tir (month), the fourth month (the first month of summer) in the Iranian calendar
  • Tir, Iran, a village in North Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Occasional spelling of the Old Norse theonym Tyr
  • A woman thrall in Old Norse society



  • Tir McDohl, the name given to the protagonist in the Japanese novelization and radio drama adaptation of the video game Suikoden
  • INS Tir, various ships of the Indian navy

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TIR- a game type in Dead rising, formally known as Terror is Reality, it is an online game type that can be played online to earn extra cash for Chuck and the game type of TIR slicicles is played at the begging of the game to earn an extra wad of cash.